Jasmine Justine Huffins. Born June 3, 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia, and later, at the age of 5, moving to Copperas Cove, Texas. Huffins has been performing since the ripe age of 7 years old and now at the age of 21, she has continued to follow her dream. Jasmine performed in her first talent show in the 4th grade and her sense of comfort and passion on stage led her mother to believe that this was a true gift from god. Jasmine has always loved performing for others and is ready to show the rest of the world what she has to offer. Having written her very first song in the second grade and still to this day writing all of her material, young Jasmine is extremely talented. Jasmine was first signed to a local label at the age of 12 years old. After working with a producer for 7 months, she unfortunately had to put her dreams on hold when her producer had to go to Iraq. Jasmine was signed two more times after that at the age of 15 and the age of 17 by two more local producers, but they too had other commitments, leaving Jasmine with no one to help with her start of her longing career. It was then that her mother decided to take matters into her own hands and find ways for Jasmine to get discovered. Her mother told her that she will be her manager . It was Jasmine's mother's idea to put her in Beauty Pageants so that she could showcase her singing in the talent competition having no idea that Jasmine would end up winning 2 titles in her first year of competing. Her mother remembers young 7 year old Jasmine singing with a brush in hand on her bed jumping up and down pretending she was Beyonce from destiny's child. Jasmine’s childhood idols where that of Christina Aguilera, Monica, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, and that’s just to name a few. Jasmine is the baby girl of 4 girls in the family. She has a younger brother of 19 who she is very close with and a sister of 23 who she considers her best friend. Her oldest sister of age 27 who was born with cerebral paulzee and wasn’t able to walk or talk, having the mind of a 6 month old baby passed away Feb. 25, 2008 of pneumonia. She has an older brother and sister who live in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother also says Jasmine had a karaoke machine she would record songs that she made up on cassettes and hold concerts for her family, giving them each a piece of paper with the names of the songs on them. With performing in every annual Spring Show held by her high school, recitals at her vocal lessons, singing the national anthem for her high school basketball games and in beauty pageants she competes in, plus church, Jasmine is not afraid of the spotlight. With just graduating from Copperas Cove high school in 2008 in her small but beloved town of Copperas Cove, Texas, Jasmine is focused on pursuing her well awaited music career, while taking online courses to study broadcast journalism, hoping to become a news reporter someday after her singing career. Beauty and brains isn’t all this young Puerto Rican and African American young woman has to offer. She has a unique voice that allows her to sing in any genre, whether its country, R&B or even pop! With her uncanny ability to play the piano by ear, Jasmine is a big part of the upcoming generation of young songwriter/singers. Having a bubbly personality and a passion for music, Jasmine Justine believes she has what it takes.


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