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My Name is Jerron .O. I was born and raised in Youngstown OH. I fell in love with music at the age of 10. I began writing music at the age of 11, my real inspiration for music came form my neighborhood friends. All the older kids use to rap and I waz the beat man.Back then they called me HOV, i got the name HOV strictly from my beat boxing skills. One day after a rap session on the corner of Ohio and Curry one of the battlers said I waz like a beat box god. And from that the name HOV came about. When I turned 13 I had my first experiance in a studio to record, I recorded a song called "Guess Whos Bizakkk" It Waz A catchy lil tune that took the neighborhood by suprise as know one knew I could rap they jus thought of me as the beat man or HOV.Soon there after I joined a neighborhood group call Young Playerz. The Group Waz Composed Of My best Friend Aarron Brown A.K.A Ace Boog and Dwalyn Green A.K.A Duce And Me HOV. Our Presance in the hood was very quickly felt as we preformed at block partys and local events ranging from bday parties to weddings.The group soon deminished as we got older and went our seprate ways. A couple years had passed and I was now in the 12th grade.I was no longer in Youngstown as I continued to get in trouble I forced to go live with my father in Alexandria VA. I Attended Hayfield HS which I also got kicked out but was the jumpstart into my music career again.. While attending Hayfield I Began to Battle all of The Schools Rappers One By One crushing them all with raw over the top punchlines and a Slick delivery. This got me alot of attention from local artist who had heard about me and wanted to see me flow. I began going to football, basketball, soccer,volleyball, tennis,lacross,and hockey games just to rap for my "Fans" lol.As my hype began to grow I dropped a mixtape "New hood, New school, Same Nigga".. The mixtape took the area by storm!!! With the new mixtape out I began getting call and emails from multiply local companys and artist.One Management company that stood out to me above all waz BD1 management.I soon after speaking with them began producing beats for them and preforming at all of there events in the local area.Things were going great until one day i got that call from back home.. My Grandmother Had Fallin ill. Not even 48hrs later I was back home in the yo. I had up and left everything that I had worked so hard to accomplish.. "Family First" Once Back Home I Kinda Fell Away From Rap and was just producing for awhile,until one summer day after work I went to a battle at couches field to c my cousin "Young The Monster" battle a new artist "Smooth" after arriving at the battle I soon found out my cousins comp had a wing man who rapped.This inspried me to break out n flow. Now in the heat of there battle I began to battle n the match quickly became a double match.Not aware of all the onlookers as the park was packed a young singer by the name of Silka A.K.A "Silky Smoov" watched and was moved by the way I spit.A couple weeks later I recived a call from this young lady askining me to preform at the alpha showcase in Akron OH with her. I gladly excepted, later to find out the show was on my birthday. But that didnt stopped me one bit.. We did the show and killed it. We later began dating,a couple weeks into or relationship she told me about a record label she was involed with a while back and suguested I speak with them about management. I did and that was like the begining of rap for me all over again. The Label Was Swank 1 Ent...... ( For The Full Bio or more info Hit Me up At, or hit the business line 330-502-6658 Its Ya Nigga Jerron O Hoe.... Cheaaaaa)


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