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I was born in a place called Newark.. I was dealt a ruff hand... I grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I was a Uptown kid; stolen whips, joy riding, block runners, I hustled any and everything I could get my hands on. A real ngh... I came from a family of mostly girls, my moms wasn't around, and my father pretty much did his own thing. Me, my brothers & sisters was all split up.. my older sister took care of us from time to time, while my mother ran through the streets of Newark... I came up in tha 90's. I started writing rhymes when I was 9. I think my 3rd grade teacher had us work together in class, to come up with small verses, which 1st taught me how to write... she explained how to construct lines and ways to rhyme em... I remember I went home that day, turned on BET, and started counting bars in between the choruses. and for every verse, I counted 16 bars. and from then it was a wrap.. I had a lot to get off my chest... rhymin was like my way of expressing how I felt. one of da few ways I escape from what's going on.. I'm a born Muslim; that's where the name Ib-Talib comes from. it's an abreviation for Ibn Talib, my first name... which means son of a student.. it's kinda ironic how that worked... I been apart of the Regime since 06. Me & Noae lived on da same block. he put me d, we hit up da studio, and da rest is history... da sound we bring to da table I can't even discribe it. since day 1 it's been classic. what started out as business idea, turned out to be something that the game has been missing for a long time.. So it's our job to bring the fun, the creativity, the soul, and the competition, back to the game... Either respect this man, or hate wit da rest of em; International Ib, a.k.a Ib-Talib..


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