Ian Lynch

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Ian Lynch is from Oscoda, michigan. Recently just turned 18 along with graduating high school. Ian graduated from Oscoda Area Highschool; Has always been into music ever since he was a kid he was starting different bands, from punk to heavy metal. When Ian turned 15 he began to take up and interest for hip-hop.He was facinated by the way they could tell stories and send their message out to the people. In the last year Ian started to do his own thing, not just because he loves music, but also as a way to effect the youth in a positive way. Show them (the youth) that anything is possible if you work hard enough, really show them that life is worth living. He also likes to have fun too. Early on he was heavily influenced by J.cole, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Mac Miller not just because they all made good music, but the way that they could put a story behind it. Through out the past year Ian has been recording and mixing all my song himself! Never stepped foot in a studio, but was still able to create a ligitement fan base. A fan base called the Lynch Mob. The Lynch Mob is the cause for the recgonition he has. "With out the people that hold me down, I would'nt have sh*t" says Ian in the video he released in mid December. As of right now Ian has been doing shows in and around his home town. With an average attendance off 110 at each show! He has been working hard, not just making music, but merchandise too.


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