Chris Pippens

changed the group description to "Changed the group description to In A World Full Of Hopes and Dreams Of Becoming a Well Known Artist Chris Pippens. Chris Pippens has been dedicated and inspired as a young Artist. Coming From Birmingham, Al Where it's hard to become exposed Chris Pippens seems to over shadow that. It's been plenty of long days and nights of working in the studio, dropping different Hits, and Maintaing that Statement. He came out with a single back in 2000 called "We 2 Throwed" when it dropped, the single flooded the streets. Everyone vibed to it and was waiting on more music to come. After, he started making a lot of music, producing beats for people, and ghost writing for artist for a reasonable price. He has dropped over five different mixtapes and got booked for plenty of shows in Birmingham such as sweet 16's, teen shows,& for the grown and sexy. But, a situation popped up trying to leave him to his down fall. Chris Pippens says "When you are on a mission you never let no one stop you from accomplishing that task, people will put on a front to make it seem like they your nigga but really its just for play, that's not what's up". With all of his hard work that he has accomplished and still to this day puttin on for his city. Changing up his style and apprearence Chris Pippens chosed to go by his real name and take over a musical empire. Chris Pippens has a dream that he knows thats going to become reality in the near future. To be come the best MC the music industry has ever seen. Check Chris Pippens out at youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter & any other websites. Chris Pippens is back on the rise and going to the top saying nothing is going to stop him. Currently in 2011 He has a brand new Single called "throwing money", and currently working on his mixtape/demo, He Also has a couple tracks and features with other artist. Being Local is a big no, no. In chris pippens eyes its taking his music worldwide."


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