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Tarelle Brown better known as A.R.S (A Rising Superstar) was born in El Paso,Colorado to a single mother on May 10th. Due to his mother having parental conflicts A.R.S's mother and him later moved to Southern,N.J.His 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade years of middle school were spent on a small suburban island called Brigantine,which was only a mile from Atlantic City.His 4th and 5th grade years were spent in the fast paced city known as Americas Playground, Atlantic City, New Jersey.By his 6th grade year he was accepted into Milton Hershey School,a school owned by the founder of Hershey chocolate products which was a boarding school for underpriveleged children who excelled in academics. This transition wasn't easy for a A.R.S. Being he came from a home where affection was minimal and mom worked 2 jobs to provide. While most children spend their lives living with their mother or father or both parents, he was in custody of different ''house parents'' after the transition, who were legally responsible for his upbringing. While at Milton Hershey ,though all of his day to day expenses were inclusive, this took an alarming toll on his spirit.A.R.S was only with his biological mother on special holidays such as Christmas, Easter,Thanksgiving,and summer vacation. Holidays like Columbus Day,MLK Day and other short holidays were spent at school because A.R.S's mother was not in the financial position to pay for his transportation from Milton Hershey which was about 3 to 4 hours away. Though in boarding school A.R.S however did have the privilege of having his own favorite music''hip hop'' which was looked at as contraband by Milton Hershey School. Being allowed to listen to hip hop music was up to the discretion of the staff of the school and unfortunately A.R.S had older caucasian house parents who thought rap music was garbage and preferred 60's to 70's christian music. This only gave him more of a hunger and love for the music that was forbidden. And since he wasn't able to listen to hip hop music without restriction, he began buying instrumental tapes and singles so he could rebel and create his own hip hop music talking about the school and day to day life there. During his vacations home he would find out what the newest freshest music was that was sweeping the streets. He'd work in local barbershops sweeping up hair and taking out trash to earn money to buy new sneakers and tapes and cds so he could show them off to his friends and housemates back at school. While doing this he met several friends who rapped and later got the chance to show his skill and landed himself in a click called Self-Contained. He would only have short periods of time to hang with his new group due to school schedule, and this made him more anxious to live a "'normal" life like his peers. Once A.R.S got settled in at the school of Milton Hershey, A.R.S's mother moved from Atlantic City to a small suburban town called Mays Landing, N.J. Here A.R.S met friends and his new group Self-Contained would do shows and battles throughout Atlantic County during his vacations. A.R.S quickly began to make a name for himself and shot to local celebrity status within 1 month of being home.Unfortunately A.R.S had to go back to school at the end of summer and this gave him an uneasy emotion. Senior year of High School in Milton Hershey was a difficult one for A.R.S. He began acting out and having trouble adapting back to the ways of boarding school and rebelled to the point he was expelled and sent back to N.J.Once home he attended public school and began a life of destruction to the point his mother and him had a major falling out and were out of contact for several years after. His first year home he had his first child,was arrested for underage drinking,almost landed himself in jail from several crack house raids which he missed by the nose of his hair, and was in numerous physical altercations. Feeling his back was against the wall he resorted to a life of crime hanging with the local knuckle heads and had an awakening call when several of his friends were murdered in a short period of time that year. Following a close friends funeral A.R.S decided to change his life around and pursue his hobby of music as well as become a law abiding citizen. He applied for a job at the Atlantic City Medical center and was hired. He used his finances to invest in his musical craft and boy did it pay off. He signed his first management contract with Da Bomb Management for $5000.00 and began doing numerous shows throughout the tri state area. He later left Da Bomb due to creative differences and learned his first lesson in business.On his own he opened for Amil of Roc-A-Fella records, Mase of Bad Boy Records and was locally recording at the top Independent Studio in Atlantic City called The Enterprise. Here he was working with locally know producer Shaye Drastic and worked on an Indie Album which was never released. Shaye Drastic Moved to Atlanta and A.R.S's music was lost in the process which forced A.R.S to create new music. He put out a project called ''Welcome to Atlantic City'' which was hosted and financed by a close friend of his at the time and the project went on to sell an astounding 5,000 copies. While going to Discmakers to pick up the cd, A.R.S and his friend passed a freshly packaged cd to a gentleman named Twinz. Filled with excitement they just wanted him to listen to the music and give any feedback.While conversing, Twinz said he was an upcoming producer and was looking to work with new upcoming acts. A.R.S received a call from Twinz 3 days after receiving the cd and was asked to come to Wildwood,N.J to hear some production and possibly do some recording. They instantly clicked and Twinz revealed to A.R.S he had some Mainstream artist placements and he wanted to produce for A.R.S. They put together their first project titled "The Official" and it landed in the hands of an A&R from Universal Records named Sal. Sal wanted to do a developmental deal, and together A.R.S and Twinz were on their way. A.R.S began working hard musically, and with Twinz help he got features from Grafh,Slim Thug,Capone of CNN,Rick Ross before his super stardom and Freeway of Roc-A-Fella records. He was also doing numerous shows opening for mainstream acts as well as showcases and had his first album release party at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City,N.J.He had a website launched and also had numerous videos live,with 100's of thousands of friends and views on popular social site at the time Myspace. Locally he was known and respected as one of the elite players in the local hip hop circuit. Due to personal family issues A.R.S was forced to move out of state and ties between him and Twinz were severed. A.R.S also had a son and a daughter in the process which required more of his time. This didn't stop him.He maintained a legal job out of state and bought his own recording equipment and taught himself to record and master his own songs.During this time he met a gentleman who would change his musical life completely by the name of Tahir Lowery of Bicell Inc. Tahir was the brother of his youngest daughters mother and a real estate buyer and seller in P.A. He heard A.R.S's cd and engineering skills and promised to bring platinum artist DirtyMouth of Platinum selling group Trillville to his house to meet A.R.S and possibly record. Skeptical, A.R.S agreed and later on that month Tahir made truth of his word and brought platinum recording artist Dirtymouth of Trillville to his house to record some music for Dirtymouths solo project. This changed his musical journey for good. Once Dirty and A.R.S met their friendship took off immediately. Dirty and A.R.S worked on Dirty's album and Dirty gave A.R.S advice and valuable tips to succeed in the music industry. A.R.S offered Dirty free studio time in return of some features for A.R.S's upcoming project and Dirty agreed without hesitation. During the year of Dirty's friendship Dirty got A.R.S on the tour got him some polished Mainstream production from one of Violator Management's producers named Scorp Dezel,as well as producer Natural Dizaster of Soulja Boys hit single ''Turn My Swag On''and has bridged some gaps for A.R.S with some major industry players. A.R.S has a huge single which is due to drop in November 2012 titled '' Rubberband Money'' which features superstars 2 Chainz,DirtyMouth, and former Cash Money records recording artist Gillie Da Kid. The record was produced by platinum selling artist turned producer Hodge, who was onced signed with superstar mainstream producer Rodney ''Darkchild'' Jerkins. You can also get exclusive updates on A.R.S's music,photos,tour info,and all of A.R.S's social networks at, and more info on A.R.S visit:


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