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“IKE ELLIS” Let’s explore the phenomenon that has catapulted on the hip hop scene in North Carolina. IKE ELLIS represents the “struggle.” IKE ELLIS embodies the feeling of being a “have not.” IKE ELLIS symbolizes the strength of a sole survivor. He provides music with a message that has captivated listeners from Woodside, NC all the way to Africa. The reality of his music has been inspired by real life situations, and poverty. His musical influences such as Tupac, Andre 3000, Pastor Troy, UGK, has molded and shaped his style distinctively creating another tone in the underground hip hop scene of North Carolina. Songs such as “The King is Home”, “Silver Spoon”, “Fast Cars and Large Bills” and “Genocide Jena 6”, have separated his style from the arbitrary sounds of your everyday artist in search of a record deal. IKE ELLIS is from Woodside, North Carolina. IKE ELLIS has been creating hip hop music since 2000. He is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of MIRROR ME MEDIA. IKE ELLIS has produced two official underground mix tapes (“Unload” & “The Day Before I Got Rich”), with over 4,000 copies distributed throughout North Carolina. MIRROR ME MEDIA is developing a strong marketing plan to dominate the unspoken for territory of North Carolina and create a 360 degree artist. He is also networking with numerous promoters with access to local hip hop events to continue the development of the stage presence of IKE ELLIS. The marketing potential for IKE ELLIS is limitless. Recently, the latest single “Camera Flashy” has mesmerized the female listeners, increasing the aspect of his fan base and providing many clubs and radio stations with a sense of sexiness and swag for 2011. IKE ELLIS has a conscious, but is not a “conscious rapper.” He is not limited to a category, but humble due to the reality of life. He inspires thinking and provides music with a message. If we had to describe IKE ELLIS in word, it would be simply said as “captivating”. The intangible things such as the grind, the marketing, the leadership, the following, the dedication, the passion, and the love for the music depict the sensation of IKE ELLIS. We appreciate your time and consideration in exploring the memoire of IKE ELLIS. IKE ELLIS For more information, Interviews, booking etcetera Contact us via email: KING.OF.KAROLINA@GMAil.com


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