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http://www.artistecard.com/IAmMurkem With today’s diluted music industry of amateur artists and bands that truly believe they are entitled to become entertainment’s next chosen one, Murkem has a whole other perspective. Through Hip-Hop and other forms of music as a child, the now 22-year-old Rapper/Songwriter used music as his primary way of expression. Born and raised from a troubled home in Houston, Texas, Murkem always felt as if there was a bigger plan set out for him. With an opportunity to move from inner city housing as a teen, Murkem and his family relocated to the Northeast side of Houston, where he soon found himself recording his first duo LP with now current manager “Yours Truly” Steven Burciaga. Upon moving back into the inner city, Murkem then teamed up with an old friend and established PoserFree, a lifestyle the two shared with the thought of promoting individuality by simply being yourself and enjoying life while doing so. After years of recording and Internet-based releases, Murkem and his partner grew indefinitely to do two different things. Today, Murkem’s motivation has become something of its own. With his natural likability and high level of performance skills, Murkem has quickly gained a following by winning over others through hard work and his personality. His professionalism and approach to the industry will soon have him a household name for years to come. “I am not here for the luxury that comes with the industry, I just want to be heard being myself, and let others know they can too. Money, fame, and fast women come and go, but good music and real expression lasts forever” - Murkem


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