Monteas”Hayve” Denson was born in Macon,Georgia. His Family Then Moved to East Orange, New Jersey while he was still an infant,so if you ask Hayve he would say the city life is all he knows. Born the youngest of three, Hayve took care of his Family as the MAn of the house. Hayve starting rapping at the age of 10. He always hung around the older crowd so he was more advanced than the average kid his age. Traveling up and down the East Coast, he has been able to adapt to different environments quickly which make him such the Versatile Rapper he is today. His inspiration to rap is his late friend Charles”2Bool”Lee. Before 2Bool passed him and HAYVE had a plan to take over new jersey through their music. Hayve style of Rap hasnt been Seen ever. He raps with Confidence and dominates each beat. His Flow is unlike anyone elses. You hear Hayve and you think of Hayve, No one else. Just Like An other child in the Ghetto, Hayve Grew up around violence,drugs,street hustlers and gangsters. Although Hayve’s hood is Labeled as one of America’s most Notorious East Coast Gang Territories , Hayve is proud of where he was raised and has learned from everyone else mistakes. With this knowledge of the hood, Hayve soaked it all in and turned it into something POSITIVE with his Rap Music. Hayve Hopes to inspire his peers and the youth to do better with the life they have and make something of it. The New Era of Hip-Hop is here and HAYVE is the one with his own Torch. Follow Me www.twitter.com/hayve116


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