Ha-lo Glitz

Shaun Hill was born in compton california,the mecca of westcoast hip hop and one of the birthplaces of the gangbang culture.Shaun was raised in a single parent household like most black's born in america.His mother Lilifran Hill did the best she could to insure that Shaun had a full life growing up in spite of living in the ghetto,were most of the black people were the minority class and struggled to get by in life.at the age of thirteen or so that's when Shaun would become infatuated with the street's,hustler's,and ganster's because those were the immediate people in his surrounding's he seen driving nice car's,wearing fly clothe's,had the pretty girl's,and was getting money at the time.He also was becoming infatuated with hip hop music with the like's of N.W.A. and Eazy E in particular because they spoke to him and the city he was from and embodied the definition of Cali Hustler's.These are all the thing's that would motivate him to become who he was to become,these are the thing's that would lead him to sale drug's as a mean's of fast money and survival,and these things would also motivate him and his peer's to get there street organization game tight to the highest level it possible could be,this would also motivate Shaun to eventually tell his tale thru poetry,spokenword,hip hop or what have you.These same things would also come with a price to pay in the long run.losing a close friend to gang activity,losing a cousin and young brother also to gang activity,and also sending a close friend who put the fire under him to pursue music to a federal penatentiary for a 10 year bid, for being involved in criminal activity that could of also got Shaun in the same predicament. either luck or God'd favor Shaun was able to escape these situation's that would victimize his loved one's,so at some point he would feel that his purpose and duty in life was to share his story with the world,and report what was going on in his neighborhood like cnn,or fox new's. He would eventually create a nickname,street moniker for himself that he felt would embody his lane,movement,and were he's from.This name would be Ha-lo Glitz. basically because Ha-lo is considered distinctive pointy,sharp bullet's or it can also be looked at as Halo which is the angelic grace,or bands around a angel's head, and L.A. is considered Los Angel's,and the Glitz's comes from Hollywood being known as glitz and glamour town.So H.Glitz's purpose and goal is to embody California,L.A., and the Hollywood High Life thru Hip Hop music.This is just the beginning of a new star being born in hip hop culture so stay tuned for update's on the illustrious career of Shaun Hill aka Ha-lo Glitz.


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