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Like 50 Cent and Jay-Z, Hayes is truly a self-made emcee. He has put in the work - not just hard work, but the right kind of work. The Detroit-born, Cali transplant has supported himself since the age of 12. Got his own apartment at 14. Dropped out of school in the ninth grade and slang dope to pay the bills. But soon, all his friends were either dead or in jail. Surrounded by pimps and drugs, he never expected to live past 24. Yet something pushed Hayes to strive for better. He saw another way: rappers making it for themselves as artists and business people. Gifted with words, verbal agility and possessing the determination of a heavy weight power lifter, Hayes discovered his calling. Putting his heart and soul full-throttle into music, Hayes quickly made a name for himself on the Detroit streets, doing shows as young as 12 and 13. At 16, the West was calling and Hayes trekked cross-country to Cali , landing in Oakland . After a fruitful stint running with Oakland 's biggest emcees, Hayes stepped away to find his own path. His road to major label success has been winding and challenging. At one time he was hanging with Preem of the Supreme Team, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate. He's been signed to Loud, numerous independents, and even Interscope once before. Hayes has gone through many obstacles, and has lost many close friends along the way. People around him kept dying. It was the never-ending story of murder and death, and losing everybody as you go along. "When everybody around you dying, you like, I live through all this shit - is ANY day my day? I live clean, try to be productive. You got to learn to live right, because you been taught your whole life to live wrong." Despite obstacles and tribulations, Hayes never gave up hope. After years of grinding, struggle and lots of work, his perserverance has finally paid off. Currently working with Dr. Dre and Timbaland on his yet untitled Interscope debut, Hayes doesn't have a want in the world. Powered by a confident, smooth flow and experience-laden, husky vocals, Hayes' style mixes the best of all the places he's lived: Detroit , Oakland , Atlanta , Las Vegas and Los Angeles . Hayes has always known what he's working toward, and most important, he knows who he is and what his music is about. "I been through a lot and I seen a lot of shit, had a lot of nightmares, but never quit focusing on my dream - never quit it. Now I'm blessed with the opportunity to work with two of the biggest producers that ever existed, and Interscope again. I'm living proof that dreams can become reality."


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