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Sincere, born Joel Adarius Hill, is a rapper and singer from Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up on the streets of Birmingham as a nickel and dime hustler, Joel would frequently be invited to visit the studios of Ruff Pro Productions to have sit downs with local rappers about what was going on in the streets. Joel eventually would take notice to the craft of HIP/HOP. He found music was the best way to express himself. As a rapper, Joel uses the stage name SINCERE. Sincere began his musical career at 15 years old writing and recording songs with Ezar Williams, nephew of Keith Ruffin, lead bass guitarist for the legendary B.B. King. During this time Sincere recorded songs with several recognizable Alabama artists such as Mr. Biggs, Birmingham J, and Attitude. He began his career as a self proclaimed “Gangsta Rapper” as a teen delivering hardcore hip-hop. Through years of maturation and reinventing himself, he developed into a trendsetter with a massive body of work. Sincere linked up with long term friend and mentor Maceo Ellison, also known as (Easy), along with close friend Edgar Robinson, known as (S.U.N) to form an alliance of HIP/HOP Geniuses. Together the three work-a-holics have created the company, Paradyme Entertainment. Recently, Sincere has linked up with MusiKKast Records & Entertainment to distribute his works (Songwriting & Recordings) to a much broader audience. The goal is to propel Sincere into becoming recognizable worldwide by combining a strong work ethic with aggressive promotion Sincere, MusiKKast Entertainment and Paradyme Entertainment definitely have what it takes to become ICON’s.


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