Gene Ladell

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Gene Ladell is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is most recognized for his clever word play and tactics. When becoming influenced by music, it is the sound of the instrumentation complimented by the context that gives him that expression of life. Music is a genuine feel of reality and how reality portrays one's action's, rather it is the truth or a sci-fi tale. Either way, it is the imagination of one that is able to create through reality. Gene's biggest influence isn't other rappers, although he admires a few; it is the every day person that allows him to remain in touch with reality and make good quality music that people can relate to. Gene quotes,"I'm for the everyday person because I am your every day person. How much more geniune is that? That's the only way I'm able to make music. I know how to be myself and relate to a crowd of "Me's" As much as everyone wants to be different, it's hard to be your own individual character, because you've become an individual person by becoming influenced through others. So how does that really make you different? it doesn't! It only allows you to say, you know better, or shows you're able to make wiser decisions through your actions. Thats what I do in my music; reflect on reality, people, and myself. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel good energy, and my music gives that exciting energy. I'm what you consider fun music. Contact Manager:


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