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Gemneye is an up and coming rapper from Knoxville, TN. He is also one third of the notorious rap trio HITMOBB "Album recently relased OCT 2012 intitled -The Mobb" Gemneye is working on his first solo album which is HIGHLY anticipated by his fans and critics. Gemneye has been rapping and making beats; since he was at a very young age. He first started making raps at the age of 8. He and his brother Don Toine "Also a Hitmobb member" started up a group called CRENSHAW BOYS. Soon after, a local moms and pops music store owner (Chris Foster -JK music) took notice at what the young rappers was doing. With their street rhymes and unpredictable punchlines, the store owner knew he had something rare and valuable on his hands. He began working with the duo who soon brought along thier cousin, another young rapper from TX (Real Diel). The young texas rapper also brought something new to the table with his great story telling methods.. In the middle of working on the groups first album intitled "Coza Noztra" the group soon realized that being commited to making music and being in middle/high school was alot more of a challenge then was expected. After taking alot of setbacks in school for lack of reliability and grades due to "All night" studio sessions and meetings with different music personel who had a hand on the production of the material, the group soon began to slow down there efforts of making it in the music industry. Later, after getting kicked out there home at the age of 15-17, The young rappers soon turned to the streets to find a way out. The group was soo heavy in the streets that making music became an nonissue. But after years of hustling and commiting crime the trio took one its biggest blows when Diel was arrested in 2005 for a federal weapon and drug charge which landed him behind bars for 6 years. With diel in jail the two hustled even harder. They recruited a group of young adolesence and gave there self a name "Baby King Pinz" which didnt last long due to members landing behind bars. October 2011 Gemneye started his own hip hop label (HITMOBB ENT). Which His artist consist of Don Toine, Monstarr, Star C, Goodfella, Raskul da Don and DJ JC. Hitmobb recentently released the album "THE MOBB" which is available on reverbnation and Datpiff. Gemneye is now working on his first solo album intitled "A Long Way Home". with this, album the TN rapper hopes to give his fans and supporters more of an understanding of where the rapper has come from and where he would like to go. Folow Gemneye on Instagram/Twitter @Gemneye865


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