I've Been rappin' for a longggggg time. The one song that made me want to create hits was "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" by Kanye West. Soo I just started out playing but i found out my verses be came better and better the more i practice. So I've dedicated to my city and my life to Make real music, also putting Kansas City on the Map! (Old) FreeVerse: Unh the fans needed some change Call me the bum tht changed the whole game Created the real vocals and well set of by my creativity 913 makin noise cuz of my unique activity The Kansas city thoughts corruppt the balance in yalls head I turn in to my mirror and see the only person tht I dread Some how this angel kept me from being dead These niggas actin like they never even heard me I'm the hole in one Most them just birdies Rappin for the believers tht go hard and deserve me Askin God can I have the money to serve me Please don't make a scence My credits haven't started Made it to this road The end is my target Told ladies to park it I know a few who lost theyre faith Another few who lost they mindstate But I ain't Cryin Watch my mrs. Right shut you down hang you left Stressin erryday bout if I'm still there or I left You see me writin doin my best And in these parties wondering why I'm not the next Cuz my artistry is part of me I'm rockin shows while you all just smokin trees I want tht feeling tht nobody else can be like me I'm an original But the same one pray to God on my knees


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