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I was born September 26, 1990. To the parents of Alia Ware and Gregory Sparks II. I lived in Cincinnati for 2 years. In 1993 my family moved to North Carolina because my dad was on the Fort Bragg base in Fayetteville. We lived on base until 1995 until my dad was discharged from the Army. In 1997 my dad and mom filed a divorce and our family was split up. My dad moved back to Cincinnati and i left with him. From 1997- 2005 I was raised by my grandmother, she played my mom and dad's role in life. Between that time, I would probably say 1998 i met a homeboy named "Micah Mapp" who is still my boy till this day and another homeboy by the name of Adriyel "Ace Boogey" Wilkins. We linked up because all 3 of us stayed at least a house apart from each other. We all had a love for Hip-Hop music. So we decided in 2003 to come up with our own group named the "3 Killas" cause we felt like we was killers with the whole rap life. The name was thrown to the back of the bus. Around 2005 i Moved to North Carolina with my mom because i was not feeling circumstances in Cincinnati, OH. When i arrived to North Carolina i got enrolled at a school named "Southern Lee High School". Where i met a kid named "K.J. "King Kay" Sanders, he was like a big brother that i never had. He taught me the in's and outs of the game and taught me how to grow. He had a love for music also. So we created a group named the "San-City Murders". It was Me, Kay, J.Youngin, Lonnie, Rob Rozay, Sunny Dee and a few other guys. After graduation in 2008 we all went our separate ways and the group was no more. I was later locked up in 2008 on gun charges and served a 5 month sentence. I moved back to Cincinnati in April 2009 and my charges was later dismissed and i was able to continue my career and my normal life. Luxary Lifestyle!!


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