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GQ Lotto, born & raised in Knoxville Tennessee. The oldest of six siblings. At the young age of 13 Lotto felt the pressure to be a provider for his family, and started selling cocaine. His mother was addicted to crack, and his father was in a different state; so he felt like he was the man of the house. It didn't take long for him to realize that the "game" was deeper then his 13 year old mind could grasp. He was in and out of juvenile, and started adding more aspects of the "game"to his resume'. He joined a gang, and was gambling, robbing, and doing anything else to make a dollar. During his stay in juvenile, he realized that he could rap, and was in a group called Ball On. Once he was free that kind of faded as he entered back into the drug game. In 2002 he found hisself in alot of beef, and ended up getting shot a total of 7 times on two different occasions. Not long after the drama, a different kind un-folded, and the feds picked him up on drug trafficing, and weapon charges. While serving his sentence, he took the time to polish his skills, and become more lyrical. Nine years later he was released, and relocated to Atlanta. Now he is putting his efforts in to making fire songs for the masses. Stay tuned in and get behind the movement. #TeamLotto Its a new day and old chapters are closed, as new ones are created. The Future is definately brighter then the past for GQ Lotto!!!!! For much information, news & updates on GQ Lotto please follow on Facebook and Instagram@GQlotto


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