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Fresh Boy, I'm a young boy born 27/03/1994, in Madrid, took the rap from just 8 years old in my story involves a hard life very difficult. Childhood abuse, physical and psychological, bad influences "friendly" problems with authority, discursiones ongoing serious problems at home, misdemeanors, other street problems, family and vandalism. At first the "it" with 13 years left school for personal reasons, too often I have walked mudándome of homes with my family in rented flats, from one neighborhood to another and so now runs a center hosted child protection called "Hortaleza" guarded by the Community of Madrid, while leaving the center for protection, a couple of times I was admitted to juvenile offenders centers (Centers of reform). Typical of a problematic kid a slum in Madrid, which echos I have lived and seen throughout my life has made me mature a unique way as for the age that I have committed and witnessed eh too much for my age and I consider myself quite mature. Start at the beginning ... I was born in 1994 in Madrid. I came across this culture on the 2001 (should have about 7-8 years) listening to both American and domestic moves. He became interested more and more to this culture and I really liked was to write, though I was not aware 100% of nothing. Years passed, and whenever I liked, I felt that despite my lack of experience in the HipHop and in life had to say. About 12 years old when I started in a more "serious" writing. Since past few years, save some money after I decided to record a quality stud and `` mediocre''and to make a model, say, although I do not get published because I was prepared, this model stood among colleagues. Just after the project. I am currently working on this project With productions varied. So far I only hear great mcs dedicated to international as: Cosculluela, Snoop Dog, Akon, Eminem, 50Cnt, Lil bow wow, Dc Dree, Soulja Boy, Tote King, Double V, Xcese, Nach scrach, false alarm, Morodo, DMX, Public Enemy, ZPU, trowels, Toxi Crow, Lapiz conscious, Notorious Big, Tupac, etc. .. From Rap single classic style, to the more contemporary and commercial styles of our genre as HipHop Dance. From there everything flowed alone was eager to do more, because I feel the need to write. My first demo, Fresh Boy, is my life, A day out June 1, 2011, was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by `` Chronic Sound.'' After taking this model and spend some time thinking estubo, that I have a voice that can also sing and I was desaprobechando that talent, so here for aprobechar my natural talent and my rapeaos, I opened up to other urban genres are also outside the hiphop culture, to reach more people, and aprobechar my potential. I'm working on an upcoming project for 2012 will be a better job, more levels, more quantity and quality, the work will consist of around 20 subjects, all produced and the work is called "Fresh Boy" "Nothing lose "(The Mixtape) Well this is all for now and as time passes and fence making or future projects go informandos evolving. Peace


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