French Montana Songs

  • Freaky
    Fetty Wap and Monty were a pretty unstoppable combination on Fetty's self-titled album, and French Montana apparently took notice, recruiting the two Remy Boys on his new single (produced by Teck from The Mekanics). If you got your fill of Fetty's "Yeaaaaah Baby" ad-lib on the album, "Freaky" may be a bit much for you, as the quotable is literally built into the beat this time around. 
  • Diamonds & Gold (Remix)
    Diamonds & Gold (Remix)
    Kid Ink is preparing for the European leg of his "Full Speed" tour, which is in support of his sophomore album Full Speed. Before that, though, he's delivering a new remix of his "Diamonds & Gold" record for fans around the world. The original record only featured Verse on the hook, but Chris Brown and French Montana are tapped for some added star power on the pop-leaning rap record.
  • Antidote (Remix)
    Antidote (Remix)
    Chris Brown & French Montana just wrapped up their “One Hell of a Nite” tour with Fetty Wap, Omarion, & Kid Ink recently. And while out on the road, the two decided to tackle arguably one of the biggest club records of the year in Travis Scott’s Rodeo cut “Antidote,” and give it the remix treatment.
  • Mo' Money
    Mo' Money
    "Fucked around, got more money." Seeing as Mally Mall's house recently got raided by the FBI, we have every reason to believe that the repetitive hook on his new single "Mo' Money" is based on real-life experiences.
  • Super Flexin (Remix)
    Super Flexin (Remix)
    Revisiting his latest Concrete Rose project today, Brooklyn’s Manolo Rose decides to come through and liberate the official remix to his cut “Super Flexin,” featuring French Montana.
  • Sauce (Remix)
    Sauce (Remix)
    Lil George is a new rapper from Detroit who’s been gaining recognition lately for his boisterous street single “Sauce,” which currently sits in at #42 on the Urban charts. Looking to take the record to the next level, the D-town emcee decides to recruit Coke Boy member French Montana to help assist him on the official remix.
  • I Got U
    I Got U
    Yo Gotti just dropped a new mixtape called The Return and one of its best songs is "I Got U" feat. French Montana.
  • Str8 2 Bidness
    Str8 2 Bidness
    Bay Area’s Big Cheeze is making his debut on HNHH tonight, and hes doing so in grand fashion. Calling on French Montana & Pleasure P, Cheeze lets go of his new single called “Str8 2 Bidness.”
  • Gangsta Way
    Gangsta Way
    Almost every song Chris Brown puts out is a threat to become a radio hit, and "Gangsta Way" is no exception. With sentimental arpeggiated guitar, it wouldn't be hard to mistake for a Kelly Clarkson track until Breezy comes in with yet another earworm of a melody. Even French Montana can't resist the song's pop sensibilities, as he utilizes auto-tune to sing his verse.
  • Off The Rip (Remix)
    Off The Rip (Remix)
    "Off The Rip" is one of French Montana's strongest singles in a minute, and while it's been ringing off in parts of New York, especially following the untimely death of Chinx, it hasn't taken off on the national scale as it deserves to. 
  • Go Hard Or Go Home Pt. 2
    Go Hard Or Go Home Pt. 2
    Wiz Khalifa linked up with Iggy Azalea earlier this summer for a record called “Go Hard Or Go Home,” which was featured on the soundtrack to "The Furious 7" film. Today, an updated version of the record has been added on iTunes and instead of Iggy, we have Trey Songz, French Montana, and Ty Dolla Sign filling in for her.
  • Die Young
    Die Young
    Next Friday, August 14th, will mark the bittersweet release of Chinx's posthumous album Welcome To JFK. We've already heard quite a few cuts from the album that hint at what a talented guy was taken from us, but this latest leak might be the definitive cut on the upcoming project. The seven minute long "Die Young" is eerily accurate in its predictions, and it has Chinx's three closest Coke Boy affiliates, French Montana, Meet Sims and Zack, acting as pallbearers. 
  • Why You Mad (Infinity Remix)
    Why You Mad (Infinity Remix)
    A few days back, we saw a few pictures of Mariah Carey in the studio with French Montana and Justin Bieber, and after a very short turnaround period, the track they were all working on is now available to stream. They remixed "Infinity," the stunning new track included on Carey's recent greatest hits compilation, and T.I. was also on hand to lend a verse. 
  • PAID Pt. 2
    PAID Pt. 2
    After releasing "Jokers" and "Blanco," Toronto rapper Harvey Stripes continues his ramp up to In God We Trust with "PAID Pt. 2," this time bringing out heavyweight French Montana to sing the hook and stick around for a verse. 
  • Let Me At Em
    Let Me At Em
    If you're looking for a record to begin the turn-up (meaning for the pre-turn-up), then this should do the trick. DJ Holiday enlists Wale, Problem and French Montana for a banger that's sole purpose is to get you hype, with a hook that repeats "let me at 'em." Holiday is working on God Bless the Mixtape, and offers this as a taste of what to expect. Are you digging the Mustard-esque vibes?
  • Lose It (Gucci Mane)
    Lose It (Gucci Mane)
    "Lose It," a leak off of the forthcoming Mac And Cheese: The Album, is vintage French Montana in that is absolutely stacked with A-list rappers -- Lil Wayne and Rick Ross on the feature, Kanye West x The Mekanics on the production.
  • I'm Up (Tags)
    I'm Up (Tags)
    With his latest single “Post To Be” still dominating the charts and airwaves, Omarion is now shifting his focus onto the follow up. Tonight, the MMG crooner decides to give the LA Leakers the green light to premiere his new record “I’m Up” featuring Kid Ink & French Montana.
  • Poppin (Remix)
    Poppin (Remix)
    Rico Richie's "Poppin" is looking to take over as the song of the summer, after buzzing heavily in the streets. The original was touted as a leak off DJ Drama's Street Quality Music 2. Now the record gets a major remix (and by extension co-sign) from Meek Mill, Chris Brown and French Montana.
  • Off The Rip (Freestyle)
    Off The Rip (Freestyle)
    Pittsburgh's Boaz is currently gearing up to release a new tape called The Burghprint, and today, he drops a new freestyle that'll appear on it. Him and Cook Tha Monster go in over French Montana, Chinx and N.O.R.E.'s "Off The Rip."
  • Off The Ghost (Freestyle)
    Off The Ghost (Freestyle)
    French Montana's "Off The Rip" may be a slow burner of a single. It didn't necessarily blow anyone away on first listen, but neither did "Ain't Worried About Nothin," which ended up being inescapable for a whole summer. It's something about Montana's style that takes a couple listens to stick, but once it does, it's hard to shake. 
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