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All around the world, people scream success... People scream on top of the buildings how they r the best.. but im not trying to claim no title, Im trying to be that title, put me down in the music books, for inspiring artist around the globe, My name Is Flex LaPointe name created for a world cover type of view, Im trying to reach fans gloably not just localy, my real name Philip Winslow, Born in the Great state of Louisian Reppign the 504 to the fullest, lil wayne did it... imma just aim to do it better, Im 20 yrs old and still learning how this music life works, i started late but imma finsih strong, my life has always revolved around music, where it was dancing to the sound of m own heart beat or making big ass words rhyme straight from the dictionary lol, yea i do this, everyday, Music, just isnt gonna be my job itll be my passion in like, a goal that once i make it, i gotta keep making it, nvr letting no one get a head of me, and when i do finally touch down, all my fam is coming with me, People always say i work hard everyday, but just know there is someone out there always working harder then you. I plan to go far in m music, go with it where evr it takes me, just hope my fans love what im bringing out to them, cause without fans and the public support a artrist really is nothing.. So much love to all, ya boy Flex La'Pointe is gonna be on the big screen soon enough im out Dueces


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