Flatbush Zombies Songs

  • Good Knight
    Good Knight
    Kirk Knight really won't let the homonym that is his name go.
  • Bring Em Out
    Bring Em Out
    New York doesn't have the star-studded lineup of rappers it once did, but there are certainly a good roster of promising up-and-comers. Of course, one of the city's problems over the last few years is a resistance to collaboration, with many emcees taking the stand-offish approach introduced by 50 Cent in the 00s.
  • Did U Ever Think
    Did U Ever Think
    Flatbush Zombies are really treating us with their weekly "Day of the Dead" releases. The past few have been consistent heat--with features from grime legend Skepta, Domo Genesis, and A$AP Twelvyy--and "Did U Ever Think" is just as solid. This time, the Zombies don't need to look far from home, finding fellow Flatbush man Issa Gold, part of The Underachievers duo, and Bed Stuy's Joey Bada$$, hot off the release of his debut album.
  • RedEye To Paris
    RedEye To Paris
    Skepta's time is now. This year, the London native has been shouted out by Kanye West and Drake, and dropped off a surefire banger of his own ("SHUTDOWN"), and now he's shown up on Flatbush Zombies' latest "Day Of The Dead" track. This one's called "RedEye To Paris," and as always, it was produced by the venerable Erick Arc Elliott. 
  • Plz Don't Make Me Do It
    Plz Don't Make Me Do It
    As we witnessed last year with their "Day Of The Dead" series of weekly drops, Flatbush Zombies are fans of the song-per-week release strategy, and it looks like we're in the middle of another such series. After last week's A$AP Twelvyy-assisted "Half - Time," here's "Plz Don't Make Me Do It," which features Domo Genesis. Are y'all feeling these new Flatbush joints? Let us know.
  • Half - Time
    Half - Time
    It's been a good while since we've heard from Flatbush Zombies, who paired up with Trash Talk for their last track, September's "Modern Mayhem." Today they return with "Half - Time," a song that also features A$AP Twelvyy.  Produced by the always-excellent Erick "Arc" Elliott (who seems to just be going by "The Architect" these days), the song is psychedelic and smooth.
  • Suicide
    After hitting us with "Uber" last week, A$AP Mob's Ant returns today with "Suicide." He recruits Da$h and Flatbush Zombies' own Jewice for assistance on the leak. The cut will be featured on DJ Nick's The Big Payback Vol. 3 mixtape, which is coming soon. The Architect cooks up a jittery, urgent beat, with Ant, Da$h and Jewice delivering aggressive bars about everything from fighting to doing drugs. 
  • Butterfly Effect
    Butterfly Effect
    Although previous collaborations between the groups have been sparse, Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers have always seemed to be on the same wavelength. Both more LSD-friendly and zooted than Pro Era, the only other big group in the Beast Coast movement, the BK groups have now linked up under a new moniker: Clockwork Indigo.
  • Modern Mayhem
    Modern Mayhem
    Back in February, we got a bit of a surprise when Brooklyn rap oddballs Flatbush Zombies paired up with Sacramento hardcore punks Trash Talk for "97.92," a track that sounded basically like a regular Zombies song. Now they've partnered for another, "Modern Mayhem," which is also released via Converse.
  • Love Shawty
    Love Shawty
    As the sole producer for Flatbush Zombies, Erick Arc Elliott (or Erick THe Architect, as he's been calling himself recently) has shown that he's more than capable of singlehandedly crafting the group's sound. His solo work is less prolific, less expertly curated to fit within a specific sound, but no less enjoyable.
  • Belly
    Flatbush Zombies kept fans waiting an extra week for this new “Day Of The Dead” track, but it was definitely worth the wait. The NY trio decided to jump on this Architect-produced beat and deliver us "Belly", a grimey-ass record featuring some deep lyrics. It may take a few listens to fully digest this one. Check it out, and let us know what ya think. Download made available as well!
  • My Team Supreme 2.0
    My Team Supreme 2.0
    Flatbush Zombies were a little delayed on the new track from their Day Of The Dead series this week, but it was worth the wait. Revisiting their Better Off DEAD mixtape, the crew revive highlight, "My Team Supreme" with acouple new verses.Alongside a new 16 from group member Juice, New York's resident Tanboy, Bodega Bamz also contributes to the new Erik Arc Elliott-produced song.
  • Red Light, Green Light
    Red Light, Green Light
    The last two weeks have both given us new Flatbush Zombies tracks, thanks to their "Day Of The Dead" series of releases, and now here's a third. "Red Light, Green Light" was produced by Erick Arc Elliott and features Espa. With reasonably chill production contrasting with the Zombies' typically aggressive, crazy-eyed verses, "Red Light, Green Light" is an interesting track from the Brooklyn trio. But despite the seemingly mismatched intensity of the rapping and the instrumental, this track works very well as another one of Flatbush Zombies' blunted compositions.
  • Believe In The Shield
    Believe In The Shield
    Stream and/or download "Believe In The Shied", a standout cut from Smoke DZA andy fellow R.F.C. member 183rd's new Ringside 2 EP, featuring Flatbush Zombies on the assist.  There's a major heavy metal influence here that calls to mind Limp Bizkit's earlier work. Can you dig it, though?
  • Get Yours
    Get Yours
    Flatbush Zombies brings us their next installment of the appropriately titled "Day of the Dead" series with the brand new, "Get Yours," featuring Diamante on the track. This song shows off a more thoughtful, remorseful tone for the usually sinister (but always utterly fantastic) Flatbush crew. The production from Erik Ark Elliot is fantastic as usual and Diante brings something great to the track. 
  • Bamma Weed
    Bamma Weed
    Weed is definitely a preferred subject of Smoke DZAs, while Flatbush Zombies generally covers drugs off all kinds (their last track "Don't Do Drugs Kids" came as a surprise, until it turned out to actually be a celebration of substances).
  • Don't Do Drugs Kids
    Don't Do Drugs Kids
    Flatbush Zombies are launching a new weekly "Day of the Dead" series, and kick things off with this joint here, "Don't Do Drugs Kids", which although appearing as a forewarning to all the children out there (who listen to the Zombies?), they are also pushing the exact opposite with opening bars like "roll it, smoke it, take a drag" (not to mention the hook). The trippy record has production from Zombies' Erick Ark Elliott, and you can expect another instalment for "Day of the Dead" next Friday. 
  • 97.92
    In case you're unfamiliar, Trash Talk is California hardcore band, known for their intense live shows and abrasive, minute-long punk anthems. Their connection to rap comes through a friendship and eventual signing with Odd Future. The band are also huge hip hop fans, and have hosted Tyler and Hodgy on their records.
  • Lit
    It’s been a minute since we last heard the whole Flatbush Zombie trio together. Back in September, the New York group released their well-received second project Better Of Dead.
  • God Save The Villain
    God Save The Villain
    Last night Erick Ark Elliott, 1/3 of the Flatbush Zombies, decided to unleash some old material on the net, as he stated on Twitter, out of boredom. The rapper tweeted, "bored. bout to upload some unreleased stuff from like... 2012. anyone wanna listen?" before posting a 9-track mix, the highlight of which may be this Childish Gambino-featured cut, "God Save The Villain."