Flasha Brilyanz

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He descends from a family that includes an opera singer, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and an accordion player. With his family background music has always seemed imminent. However, being unable to sing or play an instrument always made Quik feel secluded from the rest. During his adolescent years Hip hop was not welcomed in his home due to his mother’s strict religious beliefs. One day he stumbled onto Dj Quik’s album “Safe + Sound” while hanging out at a friend’s house. Intrigued, he listening to that particular album over and over again mimicking the lyrics. He listened to it so much that his neighborhood friends gave him the name Johnny Quik. Later he would simply go by Quik. Shortly after the split of his parents he began to rebel and left his mother’s house. Having nowhere to go he walked the streets, until he befriended L who invited Quik to stay with him. Over the course of the summer they began to write their own lyrics and record over old instrumentals. Later they added another member, Leathaneck, formally known as Kid Lok’E to their studio sessions. At a family party they played the tape they had made for some family members. When asked how they accomplished it, L responded simply “MyDamnSelf”. That later become their motto and group name. Hip hop became their outlet. MyDamnSelf recorded multiple mix tapes City of Traver, Demo 96-97’, NC-17, GQ2000, The Legend of VP, Occurrences, and Untitled but has never released them to the public, just close friends and family. They never aspired to take it further then just being a hobby. MyDamnSelf performed in a High School talent show their senior year and received 2nd place. After High School, their music was put on hold when they all joined the Marine Corps. In 2005 Quik returned from serving in the Marines to rekindle his love for music and started right back where he left off. He then decided to take his craft to the next level. Involving the production team of TwisT and Nuno (Reckless Productions), the group MDS Reckless was formed. MDS Reckless consists of Quik, L, Leathaneck, TwisT, Nuno. Since 2005 Quik has released 5 solo and 10 collaborative mix tapes via the internet. Quik is currently in the process of recording the sequel to 2011’s “Stainless”.


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