Fenesse Glenn

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While most artists step up to tell you their story, Fenesse is here to take you with him on his journey! A qualified triple threat - singer/songwriter/rapper - his presence and his talent will hook you from his first breath to the close of his last bar. He has just what it takes to 'Fenesse' you into his music. From R&B to hip-hop and rap, from the north side to the south side, he crosses all musical borders, genres, and can guarantee something for everyone. Maurice "Fenesse" Glenn was born in the famous Motor City, Detroit, Michigan. This city would prove to be the catalyst in Fenesse's path that would shape him into the multi-faceted artist that he is today. Fenesse's cousin, renowned Gospel singer Marvin L. Winans, started a performing arts charter school, Winans Academy of Performing Arts, in Detroit during his youth. When Fenesse was just six years old, Winans made the decision to make him the face of the Academy. This opened up Fenesse's world to a series of solo performances in front large audiences of hundreds of his peers and his superiors; he was a prodigy among child entertainers. It was in those moments of his academia that he realized his true calling in life. "They [Winans Academy of Performing Arts] really taught me life. I realized I loved music and creative writing. I learned how to sing, play the violin and cello, read and write music. It taught me there was a way to show your class", says Fenesse on his experience at the Performing Arts Academy. With his father passing away when he was six years old, Fenesse was raised by his single mother who despite their situation was always supportive and encouraging of his endeavors as a musician. Music became his hustle. He would perform at different events and occasions to get paid and make his own. Fenesse would eventually prove himself to be no stranger to the world of music. In 2003, he began singing in the vocal quartet "4 Real", they would travel around the city and perform at various locations, including outside the gates of the 2006 Super Bowl game at Ford Field. He was even blessed with the opportunity to sing at the legendary Aretha Franklin's birthday party. This was only a little taste of the kind of opportunities that would soon arise for the young artist. In 2006 Fenesse graduated from the Academy at 17 years old, where his next step would be an intricate move in his musical career. Upon graduation, Fenesse decided to pack up his things and move down to the heart of the South, the music hub Atlanta, Georgia. Although his time here would be quite short, Fenesse never lost a second in his attempt to pick up traction. He spent his nights competing and participating in open mic performances, never letting a networking opportunity slip through his grip. Fenesse then found himself back in D-town, where he would join a songwriting group as well as receive the opportunity to work with phenomenal producers such as D.Digital, Thump, and Duce the Producer in recording studios as notorious as the Disc Ltd. During this time in his career, he was able to perfect his craft of songwriting to elevate him from mere amateur to the true and trusted artist he has become. Although times were getting hard for Fenesse, Detroit couldn't keep Fenesse tied down forever. He eventually journeyed down to Tallahassee, Florida where some of his family members resided. After blowing every one away with his open mic performances and domination of the music scene developing in the Big Bend region, he decided to plant his roots into Tallahassee soil and continue with the momentum he was running with. Since his move he has won countless competitions, performed at a series of events and private parties, opened up for Juvenille, and has had a number of his singles and collaborations spinning on major radio stations. It's safe to say Fenesse is changing the game. He has been continuously and rigorously working on recording and perfecting an array of songs for the expected EP Destined, which is set to be released This Summer. We've always been told 'stay in your lane', causing artists to appear one dimensional and sound specific. Fenesse is fighting back. He is here to bring you the satisfactions of tasting all of the flavors of music without having to question what kind of artist he really is. Fenesse is the future of our generations yearning for the rejuvenation and revival of hip-hop and music as a whole.


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