My Names Feness,im from West Palm Beach FL,I Born at St.Marys Hospital. I Grew up on a strip known as Tamerind Ave. I found out music was gonna be apart of my life at age 14,When i first wrote my first song which was an R&B Song and to be honest R&B Is my first love. While in middle school my mom asked me about joining a new R&B group out of Atlanta Ga, In which I turned down because at that moment I chose Rap as my career.Only because i wasn't really with the whole prettyboy thing lol. I Think also think that me growing up around a lot of hip-hop played a big part, Because not only was 2pac,Eazy-E, And Southern Rapper's like 8ball and MJG and Cool Breeze. But My surrounding family also like my Uncle and cousins,Shout out to O.C.P and Suave Smoove. As I got older I Found myself having to give up on rap a little due to my grades dropping in school,but once i graduated, I Eventually took my craft to another level. From This point vie found myself performing aside Uncle Luke,Jackie-O,Suave-Smooth Etc. As Well As Meeting Artist's such as Iyaz,Melanie fiona,Flo-Rida, Sean Kingston, Rick Ross, Asher Roth,Brandon Lucas, Freddy G, Magnus Martel, Big Folk, Henbo-Squeezy And Much More.Ive Been Writing music since seventh grade.My first song I wrote was an R&B Song,Yea I Write R&B And Rap,So you can say R&B was my first love.Im Not in it for the fame im in it for the love and the money,and im all about bidness.


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