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Famous Vet aka "Christopher M Perez" - Puerto Rican & Cuban - My Life Evolves Around - Music - Sports / Chris Perez aka Famous Vet a young, hungry music artist, producer and engineer from atlantic city and its outlying cities as in Egg Harbor Twp. Nj which i lived threw my high school yrs. and also where i started to take rapping as a hobby. The 27 year old rapper is extremely versatile, witty an also prides him self on his lyrical content. His Pinball Type style is influenced by his odd choice of music growing up (House Of Pain, Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs, Wu-Tang, Big Pun, (Snow) lol, Notorious B.I.G and Other Great Artist) and also his up bringing in and around the poverty stricken streets of Atlantic County & threw out Southern Jersey. Currently unsigned and in need of exposure. Very Thankful for HNHH who has giving me a chance to display my music on a bigger platform. To go a little in depth Famous also plays a major role in his families future, so this has become more of a everyday thing and not just a hobby more like a livelihood into a a.m. 2 p.m. grind. Famous Vet is chasing his dream day by day extensively and feeling the pressure of father time although I in no shape or form feel old, but times flies by when your on your journey and not to include the up's and down's but sometimes you just want to leave it all behind, but i find strength in my little girl who will be turning one come aug.24th of this yr. and my mother who's rode side to side with me from my day of birth to now. She alone gives me the strength to carry on, i believe she deserves more then what i have to offer right now and the only way i can pay her back is by becoming wealthy one day hopefully threw my music because i feel this is my god giving talent and maybe my only way of becoming wealthy other then luck, but yeah she would be the first person to reek the benefits of my success no doubt..all in all i look to further my music career and gain exposure by preforming at different local venues and state to state clubs,venues, etc.. A big change in the industry has been the incredible growth of social networks, which i have always been fond of since the aol instant message days. I have yet got the hang of the promotional values of it and better ways of promoting my self threw them, well this is a start but yeah u get the point… When it all comes down to the Niddy Griddy - Nacho Voice….im just a young man that wants the world to hear my story! i feel i have a very interesting story to tell and it will change the lives of some and influence others along there journeys of life…its incredible the things you can do with music i feel it gives me the biggest platform to speak to the world , so every song is important to your story and who you are and should respect the opinions of people hearing your story cause they might have useful info. WORLD I HAVE A STORY TO TELL AND I WONT STOP MAKING MUSIC UNTIL ITS TOLD!!! I WONT STOP TIL IM IN POSITION TO CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS THREW MY MUSIC AND ENTERTAIN THE MILLIONS / BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD…I WANT IT ALL!!! THE FAME I WANT THE LEAST!!! BUT THE FEELING OF SUCCESS I WANT THAT THE MOST!!! THE FEELING OF BEING HEARD AND KNOWING THAT THERES MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT RELATE TO MY STORY AND IM JUST A HUMAN BEING THAT HAS BEEN BLESSED WIT THE TALENT TO RAP OVER BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTATION AND DEVELOP WHAT WE CALL MUSIC…GOD WILLING I GET MY OPPORTUNITY!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL…YOUR NEVER TO BUSY TO WORK HARD - FAMOUS VET


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