Damyrian “Fam Famma” Bledsoe was born on the southside of Waco, TX. Fam started rapping at the young age of 12 when he moved to a area in Waco called Bellmead influenced by the Texas underground scene and his ability to standout even as a youth he teamed up with the neighborhood group the Bellcrest Knockout Kings. All though the group no longer is together you can still hear him giving an ode to his group and neighborhood with the saying “Kings Up Lames Down” not only to show love but as a reminder of where it all began and how far he has come. In 2000 he linked up with schoolmate AJ “DJ Eight-One” Harris who was the neighborhood engineer and DJ basking in the “screwed and chopped” era. With Eight-One him and others put together various mix tapes in the Bellmead area. In 2005 after numerous collaborations and mix tapes with different artist the two decided to concentrate on there own brand and Fam became the first artist on Eight-Ones newly formed Steady Movin Entertainment. Eight-One was once quoted saying “A lot of people have talent but not a lot of people have the respect for music in general that Fam has which makes him an all out entertainer on and off the mic”. Fam feels all though he is in his mid 20s he has the ears of past generations, because of him growing up listening to artist such as the O’Jays, Marvin Gaye, Isley bros. and the whole soul and funk era which made him understand that your music should reflect your life, emotions, and thoughts not the other way around. Even with all that understanding about his craft, life does not come without trials and tribulations. Fam sits back and thinks of the times one of his Uncles told him “That Slick Shit will get you killed” literally and figuratively. Even with several run ins with the law and losing one of his best friends who was one of the few around him at the start of his career his words stuck in his head saying “don’t ever stop don’t ever stop rapping”. With all that past him and wisdom on his side Fam Famma is more focused then ever which shows in his songs, stage presence, and all out professionalism. Fam credits a lot of his success in the past year to becoming a student of the game watching artist around his current city San Antonio, TX. Watching artist like Yung Fyngas has taught that its more than just writing rhymes there is a way you have to present yourself there is more to the hustle then studio time which has been a priceless lesson that he has learned. With Fam feeling like Hip-Hop is in somewhat of a slump of some sort lacking truth, meaning, and passion fam plans to add that back into the game one track at a time. With the knowledge and know how Fam Famma has put Steady Movin’ Ent on his back and has proven to everyone that “SMEMAKEHITS!!!”


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