Eve News

  • Cover of Trinidad James Talks Pitfalls Of His Single's Success & Upcoming Album
    Coming virtually out of nowhere, and even being upfront that he has not been rapping very long, many people have thrown the ‘One Hit Wonder’ tag on Trinidad James after his colossal hit “All Gold Everything.”  The Atlanta native was recently in New York
  • Cover of Eve Talks On Returning To Rap & "Lip Lock"
    Femcee Eve is returning to the game, after a hiatus of about ten years since her last album, Eve-Olution. The rapper relocated to London and changed her label situation among other things, in the time she took off from rapping.
  • Cover of Trayvon Martin: Hip Hop Responds
    Trayvon Martin’s murder has been, so far, one of the most controversial events of the year, raising social, racial and political issues in all parts of American society and beyond - stirring reactions within the artistic community as well; especially the hip hop scene.
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