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In the summer of 2007, two friends, Kenroy Dilbert and Vincent Rosado, began to freestyle to each other. They then felt as if they were meant to rap. As days went by, they kept practicing their skills. A year passed, and the summer of 2008 same along. Kenroy and Vincent figured a group should be started. Along came 2 friends, Aashar Akram, Fabian Martinez and Frank Deluca. They began writing with each other on summer nights. Later, they began using a Singstar microphone which they put a Spiderman sock over to reduce noise. They also used Frooty Loops to make simple beats. Later on, Frank Deluca felt not many moves were being made, therefore he left the group. Although Frank Deluca was a good friend of theirs, they had to continue the group. Vincent and Kenroy thought the group name should be Inception, but weren't very sure about it. Time has passed and they have gotten a beat from a producer by the name of Federal Tracks. They song was called "Lazy Afternoon." This song had became the first song they had recorded together. They had a great feeling about the song. In fact, the group name was decided because of this song. Vincent's verse had stated: "We'll be together for ETERNITY." Because of this, these teenagers had come to the conclusion that Eternity should be the group name. Time has passed by and many songs were made, but not yet released. Kenroy felt as if they should not be released yet, since they have only just begun. Vincent agreed. Finally, 2012 came and Eternity began going to the studio of a guy named Creator, where they began recording songs, and releasing them onto Of course, not many views were achieved, but they have been granted with many positive comments. Because this group had been recording with Creator, they were able to get a change to perform at the Eve Lounge in Staten Island, New York. No one came for Eternity, but they still felt as if they were one of the best on the stage, they enjoyed themselves. Still until this day, they strive to reach a goal that they do not know of. They have no goal because they are doing music for the love of it. They feel as if the amount of time and money that was invested into the making of the group was worth it. Now they proudly stand together as ETERNITY. Their names are Aastro, Faboso, Undeifned, and V-Styles.


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