Erick Arc Elliott Songs

  • RedEye To Paris
    RedEye To Paris
    Skepta's time is now. This year, the London native has been shouted out by Kanye West and Drake, and dropped off a surefire banger of his own ("SHUTDOWN"), and now he's shown up on Flatbush Zombies' latest "Day Of The Dead" track. This one's called "RedEye To Paris," and as always, it was produced by the venerable Erick Arc Elliott. 
  • Half - Time
    Half - Time
    It's been a good while since we've heard from Flatbush Zombies, who paired up with Trash Talk for their last track, September's "Modern Mayhem." Today they return with "Half - Time," a song that also features A$AP Twelvyy.  Produced by the always-excellent Erick "Arc" Elliott (who seems to just be going by "The Architect" these days), the song is psychedelic and smooth.
  • Love Shawty
    Love Shawty
    As the sole producer for Flatbush Zombies, Erick Arc Elliott (or Erick THe Architect, as he's been calling himself recently) has shown that he's more than capable of singlehandedly crafting the group's sound. His solo work is less prolific, less expertly curated to fit within a specific sound, but no less enjoyable.
  • SS4
    Outside of the vocally straight edge Tyler, The Creator, Odd Future is filled with weed smokers. The member most defined by his stonerdom however, would have to Domo Genesis (followed closely by Hodgy Beats). Domo dropped an Alchemist-assisted track last 4/20, borrowing an image from Dragonball Z (a show best enjoyed while baked) for its artwork.  This year, Damier gives us yet another track pulling influence from the celebrated anime, "SS4", the S's of which stand for Super Saiyan, which we're not going to get into the meaning of here.
  • Red Light, Green Light
    Red Light, Green Light
    The last two weeks have both given us new Flatbush Zombies tracks, thanks to their "Day Of The Dead" series of releases, and now here's a third. "Red Light, Green Light" was produced by Erick Arc Elliott and features Espa. With reasonably chill production contrasting with the Zombies' typically aggressive, crazy-eyed verses, "Red Light, Green Light" is an interesting track from the Brooklyn trio. But despite the seemingly mismatched intensity of the rapping and the instrumental, this track works very well as another one of Flatbush Zombies' blunted compositions.
  • God Save The Villain
    God Save The Villain
    Last night Erick Ark Elliott, 1/3 of the Flatbush Zombies, decided to unleash some old material on the net, as he stated on Twitter, out of boredom. The rapper tweeted, "bored. bout to upload some unreleased stuff from like... 2012. anyone wanna listen?" before posting a 9-track mix, the highlight of which may be this Childish Gambino-featured cut, "God Save The Villain."
  • Number 25
    Number 25
    Check out Number 25, the latest from Erick Arc Elliott. The track was released on Monday, August 12th, 2013. Erick Arc Elliott's chances in this game are improving with each new release, and Number 25 is no exception - quite the opposite, in fact. It's a nice addition to the impressive catalogue Erick Arc Elliott has been building over the years. We're definitely anticipating the next move.
  • 50
    Stream 50, the newest drop from Erick Arc Elliott. The cut was released on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013. Erick Arc Elliott continues to impress with each new leak, and 50 is no exception. It's strengthens Erick Arc Elliott's already impressive body of work, which has seen positive change over the years. We're most definitely anticipating Erick Arc Elliott's next offering.