Elijah Blake Videos

  • Cover of Elijah Blake "We Are One" Video
    Elijah Blake releases a video for a new song of his, "We Are One", dedicated to protests of recent events across the nation.
  • Cover of Elijah Blake "Strange Fruit" Video
    To coincide with his first major EP releasing earlier today(Drift), Elijah Blake decides to release his new visual for “Strange Fruit”.
  • Cover of Elijah Blake "6 / Fallen" Video
    Sometimes you just have to hear something that digs a little deep. Most of the music we hear today is hardly surface level. If it's not about money, than it's about drugs; if not drugs, then it's about power. The standard for content is so low that many fans have simply stopped listening.
  • Cover of Elijah Blake Feat. Common "X.O.X." Video
    Elijah Blake grabs Common for a new music video from his "Bijoux 22" EP, out now.How's the chemistry between and Common? Are y'all feeling this one? Hear more of Elijah Blake on Vendetta, featuring J. Cole. Hit up Elijah Blake's profile page for the latest info, news, songs, and mixtapes.
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