El Negro

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The fans and the youth have taken to his movement as if they have orders. Through his relentless work ethic De’jon Brown is slated to be the next big artist out of the Bay Area and possibly the West Coast. His approach to the Bay Area Scene is not to recreate the Game but provide the kind of music his fans can enjoy without placing emphasis on violence. Creating music for the ladies, clubs and the streets has got his name ringing from the digital scene to the streets of the Bay Area. Born and raised in the Bay Area, De’jon being an “80’s Baby” has been exposed to a wide range of Music, contributing to his unique style and delivery. As a child he remembers riding with his Dad who would sometimes listen to music with explicit lyrics that De’jon would find frustrating because he couldn’t sing along. With that in mind De’jon would decide to create music that could be enjoyed by almost everyone.. De’jon wanted to make his rap name unique so that once you heard or met him you would never forget. Selected by his friend who always called him black was the birth of “El Negro” spanish for “The Black”. El Negro aspires to be one of the greats from the Bay Area. In trying to accomplish this he looks to what some of his favorite artist have done in the past, such as Tupac, Too Short, and Master P, with extra emphasis place on E40 and the late Mac Dre since they are from the same City (Vallejo). At the age of 15 El Negro knew Rap Music was what he wanted to do for life, whether it paid or not. So he and a few of his friends got together and formed the Donkey Boiz… the group consisted of El Negro, Dboi, Throttle and Cartier. They had a huge buzz primarily in the high schools and the Vallejo Area. They performed and killed shows throughout the Bay Area from Sacramento to San Jose. The first Street Mix tape, ‘The Baystreet Journal’ was a classic amongst local high schools. El Negro knew he was onto something. He later got his older brother involved Derrick Brown Jr. who would be known as Mr. Manish. El Negro believed his brother could assist him with guidance and having his own home was a plus. El Negro would convince his brother to transform one of his rooms into a studio; Mr. Manish became Manager/ Producer. The group continued recording and distributing their music locally, but shortly after the group broke up, leaving only two original members El Negro and Dboi with Manish as producer. They would later form Rich b4 Rich Records. The break up gave El Negro renewed inspiration to become more determined to succeed. He worked relentlessly on his craft. Dropping a multitude of albums and mix tapes. El Negro’s Buzz in the Bay Area continues to grow. They are now performing on several venues throughout the Bay Area, up and down the West Coast (Oregon, Washington, and Nevada). Do not sleep on this guy… He has been named from local fans and radio personalities as being the next big artist coming from the Bay. Stay tuned for a host of Projects, Colabs, and video’s coming to a City near you so that you…the Fan…can be the judge!


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