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While many of today’s artists attempt to navigate the oversaturated terrain of a particular genre, Eclectic MoFo has fully embraced his multi-genre gift of prolific songwriting. This unique “cross- produced” style of songwriting equips him to transcend all demographic and format boundaries. “I am the eclectic songwriter who writes one genre from the perspective of an alternate genre. If you could imagine a duo consisting of Adam Levine (Maroon 5) as the hip hop artist and Tupac Shakur as the pop artist, then you can envision the sonic treat my songwriting style encompasses”. After spending over a decade (honing his craft) as the songwriting, arranging and composing member of several immensely talented yet unfocused and undetermined collectives; Eclectic MoFo decided to take a hiatus from recording and songwriting. “It’s funny how even when I considered myself done with music, the innate gift of songwriting kept right at it. This is when I realized that whether I put pen to pad or not, the songs would be written on the composition book that is my mind. I have not physically written lyrics since that time. That’s a true gift from GOD.” After realizing the unlimited artistic freedom afforded a solo songwriter, Eclectic MoFo made the bold yet necessary decision to be the sole executor of all future creative influence. His engineer, the incomparable J.B. also known as James Bevelle, would be the only exception. It was James, after all who convinced EMF to record not only as a songwriter but as an artist as well. “We were in a session when James brought to my attention that it sounded like I was writing for my own voice. There’s probably no one who could do these songs better”. Hence, Eclectic MoFo the artist was born. On his debut mix tape Eclectic MoFo Vol. I “Defying Gravity”, EMF unleashes a barrage of heartfelt, mature subject matter over a collection of pop and hip hop masterpieces crafted by some of the most talented independent producers available. Durdy Muzick, Superstar O, Vybe, Sinima, Breathtaking and Platinum Sellers provide such a wide range of sonic differences, that it would seemingly take the enlistment of a label’s roster of artists to concoct such an unfathomable collage of lyrical intensity. When asked about this limitless appeal, Eclectic MoFo’s tone becomes prophetic. “I will be the first artist to simultaneously target and conquer multiple genres, as opposed to crossing over from one genre to subsequent formats.” For the fans of music that require more than trendy beats and catchy sing along hooks, Eclectic MoFo is the proverbial breath of fresh air to an industry currently breathing with the aid of a ventilator. His willingness to bend the rules of the traditional music business while stretching the boundaries of the music art-form, have the potential to indeed make his self-prophecy a reality. Eclectic MoFo could very well be the first artist to target and conquer multiple genres simultaneously. “E.M.F. the prophet does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”


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