Ducez (Domadoo & I.G.)

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Dominic Johnson: What's up? I'm Dominic "Domadoo" Johnson. I am 16 years-old. Birthday on May 18. I am a Jounior. I am funny, laid-back, down to earth, honest, loyal, and trustworthy to say the least. I am very level headed and I don't let the negativity of others get to me. Knock me down and i get back up. Throw mud in my face and I just wipe it off. That being said I can be a bestfriend or a worst nightmare. Although I am more prone to being a bestfriend. Get to know me and see what I'm about. Cause I can assure you, I might look familiar but there ain't nobody realer. hahaha..........Gabriel "I.G." Hamm: Born April 12th 94' . Reall dude , hate B.S. fun ta be around . Goffy as haell !!!! Humorous and a biqqqqqq ladies man. Ma momma died when i wahz 13 but nothin qone stop meh from livin my life . Imma man of faith . If ya heart filled wit Faith then ya cant fear . Im a man of God . Without him , we are nothing . Christian since i took ma first breath . R&B , Hip-Hop , and Rap person , but spealize in Rap . Upcomin rappa , so watch out foe meh . I know im qone make it with tha help of God and faith , anything can become a small task...........Ducez came about by bestfriends Domadoo & I.G. We started rapping as freshmen in art class, Domadoo making beats as G freestyled and/or sang to them. By the end of the day we left everyone in the room laughing and picking their jaws up off the floor. The teacher told us to stop but we couldn't. With the motivation and encouragement of our peers, we kept crankin', rhymin', and enjoying ourselves. We decided to make an actual song, "Keep It Comin'", Which is basically about the motivation of being hated on. As we were working, G looked at me and said "Hey you wanna record this and try to go big?" Obviously, I said yes. After this song is finished we will be very busy making many others. .. .. We established "Ducez" on February 3rd 2010. A mix between Rap, R&B ,and Hip-Hop . Unlike all these songs on the radio , our songs have meaning to them. We aren't trying to make a new dance, or make stupid songs just for money. If anything we are just trying to bring hip-hop back to life after too much auto-tune and reapetitive songs killed it. Our songs give people an opportunity to think about there lives and relate to something. While also making them feel like we know what they are going through and dont have to feel alone. Sometimes, our songs come straight from the heart; personal. Sometimes, we take situations in other peoples lives and make them known. Either way, its all real, no pointless spittin, but also with fire and swag.


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