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I'm 17 yearz old, My Name Terron. For yall that dont know I rap. Me N my DUDe K3NDOGG boy 2 Strikez 4 Life..! We on the come up. The Circle boy if u aint in it you prolly a square. Y.C., J.I. Big Will, K3NDOGG, & Persia Grai. Persia "the man behind the scenez." W/O that dude i dnt knw where we would be. Besides my dude K3NDOGG, Persia has been my biggest influence with the music. He been into music every since i can remember, Young Diddy lol. But dude do everything, rap, produce, mix, all of the above only thing he dont do is sing but he prolly working on that too lol. Y.C. "Big BROTHA," Man this dude, the goofiest nigga i knw LMao. But he prolly one of the sickezt rapperz i knw. Definitely bringz out the best in everybody when we get in the studio. I love that nigga. Big Will, "U Already Know" the realest of em all, 4eva talkin bout beatin some body up. Lil bodyguard lol, But he comin up on the rappin..Shout out to him. J.I. aka tell it like it is, boy dnt bite his tongue for nobody. If u suck he'll tell ya, Dude like my Mentor when it comes to the music stuff. Alwayz tellin me if my shit suck lil ass I shud slap his light skinned ass. But naw im playin, everybody need someone like that in they life to make em betta n tell u wen u need to come harder. K3NDOGG!!! Boy where do i start with this dude, we been cool for some yearz now, When i say we on a mission, he the head honcho on all of it. Up to 12 or 1 in the morning promoting 2 Strikez n The Circle. My Brotha, Bestfriend, Nigga, all of the above. I love my nigga, Rs. The funniest nigga i knw without a doubt. Even when u pissed off at em he'll make u laugh. Yea he might play too much but it dnt even matter, Clown. We bout to make it 2 Strikez 4 life, Rep the Circle


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