Dontee Weaver

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Dontee Weaver (born November 12, 1984) better know by his stage name Diablo or Diablo Da General is an African American Rapper from Los Angeles California. November 12, 1984 Jessa Weaver gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she named him Dontee Devon Weaver. Although his biological father was not able to be apart of his life Dontee’s step father, Carl Betts was a vital instrument in showing him how to go from being a boy to a man. The eldest of 8 children Dontee went to 12 different schools as a child. Some would say that is not a very stable life for a child to have but when raising a young black boy in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, who could blame his mother for trying to keep her child safe. During that time South LA was at its peak with gang violence and drugs. There was so much fast money to be made, gangs in LA would take any soldier they could get, even if it meant turning a innocent kid into a harden criminal at any moment. Jessa made sure that her children wouldn’t be part of the negative statistic attached to black men in LA and she did all she could to keep her children on the right path. Dontee being the oldest, decided to set an example for his younger siblings by using his will and determination to be something more than just another statistic. Dontee started his journey through life trying to find his passion, that’s when he discovered his natural talent for music and art. Writing his first rap in the 8th grade with the help of his God Brother Mario “Texacal” James he found it fun but he needed more time to focus and really find his passion. Drawing came natural to him and with a pencil in his pocket Dontee would draw everything. He would use any and everything as scratch paper from receipts to menu’s if he saw something worth drawing and the paper had enough space, he would take a moment to create art. His artistic ability could have led him to college as an art major but when things didn’t look so promising, he went back to the only lifestyle he knew, hustling. Working to help pay the bills Dontee knew that there had to be more to life than what he was doing. Trapped in the hustlers lifestyle, Dontee realized he wasn’t ready to give up music and started writing to release tension. After continuously writing and really learning the business side of music Dontee finally got to see the recording side of music. His Uncle David “PT” Nicholson and cousin James “Rome” Richards formed the group PT Rome. With them he learned about laying a track, editing, and mastering music and from that moment on he was hooked. Dontee adopted the stage name Diablo Da General from his morbid sense of humor the name kind of stuck with him and he embraces it although it is quite controversial. Trying to perfect his craft Diablo and his friends would have freestyle ciphers. The more he freestyled the better he got with writing and delivering his songs in the studio. The attention he received from free styling helped to create a certain quiet confidence that a lot of men his age did not have. Just when he thought that life was going to turn from good to great, a critical and life changing event took place. A run in with the law in May of 2005, resulted in a felony conviction for the young artist. Things got very hectic and Diablo almost hit a breaking point and considered giving everything up. But while taking some time to think and weighing his options instead of quitting, he used the situation as fuel to keep going. Despite his minor set back he learned the type of lasting affect his music had on people and pushed him to go even further, so Diablo was back and better than ever. He wanted to start a movement. became a rapid growing blog website that serves as the headquarters for Diablo Da General music, media and all of the above also known as the one stop shop for all your Diablo needs. "I’m a hustler's hope, and a moguls mirror", is the motto he lives by. He went from not knowing what to do with his life to releasing mixtapes. His team also known as the X-Squad Tha Movement which consists of artist Texacal, K.O., Ric Roc, Mr.Big Stuff, Infant X, R&B/latin singer Vareal. Newest recruit, Tripp. Diablo has worked with artists such as Payso B (rapper/producer), Qu3rd (rapper), Boi-B (rapper/producer), Yung Star and Faze 1 (singers). An independent artist until further notice Diablo Da General is working towards making his mark on the music scene, artistically and from a business standpoint, do get ready. Discography "Boarding Pass" Hosted by DeMonee Da DJ Your Body (9110024) The Battle Of The Tex's Da Boss & Da General For more information on Diablo (Diablo Da General) and X-Squad Tha Movement. Visit these websites: Official Website: Official Facebook Page: Official Myspace Page: Official Twitter: Official Ustream Channel:


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