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About Donn Lennon(Smoke Bulga)

To know Donn Lennon you have to go back to where it all began and the city whose expectations he carries on his back - Boston, Massachusetts. Born Allen Keon Lee in the 1980's and raised in Boston’s south end, and Dorchester. Growing up he heard rap music pouring from boom boxes and watched street fashions flourish as kids started mimicking the styles of their hip-hop heroes -- Adidas sneakers, tracksuits, and extra-thick gold chains. When asked who the hottest MC is in the Boston hip-hop scene, one name constantly arises “Donn Lennon”.   Formerly known under the stage name “Smoke Bulga”, Lennon saw much success. In 2003, he signed a major record deal with Epic/Sony and was recognized by national magazines including XXL and The Source as a new artist to watch. With limited historical Boston artist success, it seemed as though Lennon defeated the odds putting his city on the map and created a gateway for all Boston artists. Time would soon reveal a different story. Despite Sony/Epic going threw transitions within they’re Urban Music Department (and not being the exact fit for Smoke Bulga) led to Sony/Epic, and Donn Lennon parting ways. However per the departure with Epic Lennon, his brother Roc Dukati, and childhood friends created the label “Life 4 Life” records. The label name itself embodied the struggles and the limitless efforts Lennon would take to achieve success. Since then they have worked relentlessly, and successfully at Securing Donn Lennon’s brand as a household name when mentioning Boston artist destine to win! In 2009, the national scene got another glimpse of Lennon’s talents when he partnered with Jim Jones and recorded the hit record “Money on My Mind”. The video would soon rise to constant rotation on MTV Jams. Lennon recalls, “The success this time was a little different for me because I did it independently and with the help of my brother and friends.” However, things would soon take a sudden change for the worse. In a tragic incident outside of a Boston nightclub, Roc Dukati Donn Lennon’s brother lost his life. The unexpected tragedy was enough to bring Lennon’s music pursuits to a halt. Dukati was the only constant in Lennon’s 10+ year music career and in an instant, his life long partner and number one supporter, was taken. Lennon struggled to reignite his passion for music but soon realized his brother wouldn’t want anything less. After what proved to be the most difficult time of his life, Lennon soon was back in the studio and recorded the best music he’s ever created within this dark moment of his life, Donn properly named this new project,”The Light”. He is determined to not only do it for himself but in the memory of his brother Roc Dukati Lennon promptly formed a new movement that caught on like wildfire in the city of Boston in remembrance of his late brother named,”Dukati Gang”.. Even after a series of blows, Lennon has remained steadfast in his pursuit of music and putting his city on the map. Most recently, his efforts are evidenced in the collaborative record “In The Bean” featuring a number of Boston artists most of them very familiar with the gang culture. Despite its burgeoning rap scene, and abundance of gang violence the collaborative effort was the first of its kind for the city, bringing together not only a group of otherwise unrelated Boston rappers but also a number of neighborhoods. Strengthened by his setbacks and motivated by the possibilities of his future, Lennon is prepared to take the music scene by storm. Flanked by his family, friends, supporters and city, the only place left for him to go is the top, and if his recent trajectory is any indication, there is no doubt he will get there.


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