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Demetri Paschalis ( born May 16th 1991), also known as Don Delta, is a Canadian rapper, singer and song writer. Born at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and raised on the South Shore. Demetri’s grand-parents moved from Greece to Canada during the Second World War. At the age of three his father moved back to Greece and was raised by his mother with the aid of his grand-parents and aunt. At a young age, he always had a creative mind, always drew pictures and excelled in art classes, never was really interested in academics. This was also a way for him to escape certain family problems he was surrounded by from such a young age .At the age of thirteen he had acquired two jobs, washing dishes and passing the newspaper, ever since then he always worked in order for him not to ask for money from his mother. He attended multiple schools in the South Shore, Seminaire Sainte-Trinite for two years, Chambly Academy for one year and then graduated at Heritage Regional High school two years later. After finishing there he attended Champlain college for almost two years. At the age of 18, Demetri decided to purchase a cheap microphone to record a diss track for his ex girlfriend, ever since then he never stopped singing and perfecting his craft. Two years later, he met up with Dj Spero and started a studio in his garage, which lasted for 8 months, by then he had over 50 songs recorded and a mix tape, Spartan which dropped a month before he was hospitalized for 8 weeks. Don Delta was attained by Good Pasture, which is an anti-glomerular basement antibody disease. I ended up going to Royal Victoria Hospital, in emergency I started vomiting blood(lungs were filled with blood) and if I didn’t go to the hospital that night I would of died in my sleep. I was brought to the ICU department as my oxygen levels were low, for 4 days they didn’t know what I had (they did a kidney biopsy, which confirmed I had Good Pasture), they intubated me (meaning put a tube down my throat, had iv’s and what not), I stayed intubated for almost 4 weeks, during the 4 weeks, I had tubes coming out of my neck, throat, nose, arms and other places. They began dialysis which filters your blood because my kidneys failed (almost needed a kidney transplant), also plasmapheresis because it is an auto immune disease, my anti bodies were attacking my lungs as well as my kidneys. I was on corticosteroids which made me look pregnant, stretch marks, arms, hands, face and hands were inflated.Threw out the time I was in ICU, I couldn’t eat, drink, talk and was under heavy medication which could of killed me. I was also put in an induced coma for 48 hours and that’s when I almost died a second time. After they took the tubes out, I started doing a lot better, lost 20 pounds of muscles, I couldn’t get out of bed, so I had to learn how to walk, they started by taking me out of bed with a crane onto a chair, doing exercise in bed, then moved up to a wheel chair, after stroller, after cane, after walking. During the time I was moved from ICU to 10th Medical floor, I was taken off dialysis & lungs cleared up. After I was medically stable I was sent to Villa Medica, physical rehab centre, a week and a half later I was sent home. Only thing I was left with was a few scars, pills to take for a couple months and 9 treatments of chemotherapy. I also want to give a big thank you to the doctors & nurses who saved my life at the Royal Victoria Hospital, words cannot express how thankful I am. I would also like to thank my mom, Jamie & aunt, Maria for staying at the hospital for almost 30 days and nights & for fighting for me and also my father, Harry for coming down from Greece to support me. Thank you to all my family and friends, god Bless and one love! -Demetri Paschalis Slowly recovering from the long hospital visit, Don Delta is working on new musical projects such an EP that will be released in the summer of 2012 and a cd that will be dropping at the end of 2012, he is also planning to go to university in the following year to come and also a few business ventures that he would like to go into. Very optimistic person, he will not let any obstacles in his way affect his life in a negative manner.


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