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Daniel R. Koziolek, better known by his stage name Dizzle K, was born on July 10th 1992, in London Ontario. Raised in Strathroy, Ontario, Dan was born into a very musical family - his mother a singer, his father a music lover of all genres, along with his two older brothers - who are both creative and also very musically inclined. This immense musical home environment set a foundation for what would later become his passion for hip-hop. As a child Dan grew up watching MTV, MuchMusic, and BET. This exposure to pop culture caused him to develop a love for Hip-Hop music and its culture. As a result, Dizzle felt motivated to start writing his own rhymes at the age of twelve. Starting out, he would analyze the lyrics and mimic the flows of rappers such as: Eminem, Notorious B.I.G, and MadChild. This eventually allowed Dizzle to develop an original lyrical structure, and a unique flow of his own. He began crafting rhymes within the solitude of his bedroom to any beat he could get his hands on, eventually self-recording his first songs on a low quality tape recorder, going by the name "D-Boy". At the age of sixteen, “D-Boy” changed his stage name to "Dizzle K” and began putting his music on the Internet for others to hear. His creativity, along with unique and well-formed rhymes quickly gained him some local buzz. During these same teenage years things began to get rough for Dizzle K, as he dropped out of high school and was kicked out of his home. During this time he experimented with drugs and alcohol, and experienced life on the streets. He had to learn to adapt and fit in no matter the surrounding. These experiences are now the subject matter for many of his lyrics. These experiences allowed him to understand that nothing in life would come easy. Now at the age of twenty, Dizzle has overcome his past, and completed high school. In two short decades he lost countless family members and friends, but even during those dark times he used music as an outlet to distract himself from the sometimes painful reality. Dizzle K expresses the aid music brought him in a quote, saying "Making music was like a mental crutch for me at times.” Listening to instrumentals while scribbling rhymes on scraps of paper was his way of coping with life. Dizzle refers to his style as “old-school, raw, and street, but with a new, composed, modern sound". His intellect and clever rhyme schemes have been compared to MC’s such as Eminem, MGK, and Nas. His high energy, passion, and unique style attracts all audiences, and are the reasons why he has over twenty four thousand video views on YouTube. His music is an outlet for those who have none, while at the same time is great to 'vibe' to. In September of 2012, Dizzle K officially signed to Scratch Down Records, an up and coming London based Record label that is dedicated to putting out high quality music and production. Dizzle's first 'mini mixtape' under Scratch Down Records is entitled “Resurrection”, and will be dropping later in 2013. Dizzle K promises to continue to create intelligent and motivating music that is enjoyable for all types of listeners. He does not just love music but lives by it - agreeing with Jimi Hendrix when he said, “Music is my Religion.” Dizzle K is definitely an artist to look out for in the near future, as he brings his struggles, rhymes, and passion to center stage. “This is just the beginning of my rap career I’m just getting started, I’m heading for the top and I won’t stop” - Dizzle K Follow @DizzleK519 x "Like" Dizzle K on Facebook Biography Written By x Anthony Sawyers


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