Derique Herriot

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2D-Effect 2 D-Effect is a music group that consist of 2 member DaVon and Derique. 2D-Effect first meet during there freshman year of high school with out knowing the other one could rap. DaVon was attending Taft since the beginning of the school year but Derique came to the school late around April. They first meet in science class because Derique was sitting in DaVon’s seat.Soon Derique was known as the schools best rapper as for DaVon he mostly a sleep though his freshmen year and never told anyone he could rap.Through a mutual friend Derique and DaVon began to talk more to the point they exchange number soon after talking on the phone sum more DaVon told Derique he could rap. From then on they spent nights free-styling on the phone at this point know one knew DaVon could rap and there was a talent show coming up and everybody wanted Derique to rap and Derique started to tell everyone that DaVon could rap too, so they planned to do the talent show.They had to come up with a name for what they were going to be called and spent many nights debating the name over the phone . they went through many names but finally decided on 2D-Effect. DaVon was born in the BX to Samuel Azubike and Davina Grey on June 30 1994 and also has a younger brother name is Shon Azubike.When DaVon was 3 his parents split and he his brother and mom moved to Richmond V.A.. DaVon Wasn't always an outgoing person that spoke his mind but always showed some interested in music.Davina Grey (DaVon's mother) Started a group named the V.I.P. club which consisted of DaVon,Shon (DaVon's Younger Brother) and there close Friends. In the V.I.P. club they did raps songs ,praise and worship,dance ,performed plays and was tough life lessons. They performed at events all the time this was DaVons first taste of entertaining and he loved it but had stage fright when he first started performing but got use to it.Soon the v.i.p. club ended and DaVon started messing up and getting in trouble in school and later got kick out of all Richmond public schools so he had to moved up north with his father.He did not have a good relationship with his father so he turn to music as an outlet when ever he was left alone with his father he would throw his head phones in his ear and get lost in the music. Soon he started noticing patterns in the music like setup such as hooks versus and chorus but as for the lyrics well he thought if the people on the radio can do it why cant he so he really tried rapping but only to him self until he meet Derique at the end of freshmen year. Derique was born in Brooklyn on Feb 1,1994 to Pamela Predue and Derick Herriot and also has a younger brother named Christoper Herriot. He moved from Brooklyn New York at the age of 8 to North Charleston South Carolina.Derique came from a family that lives and loves music from hearing story's about how his father almost became a member of new edition to hearing his aunts newest songs today all they to watching his uncle do old gigs on tape. As a kid Derique always loved music from Micheal Jackson to jay-z Theses artist are what drove derique into wanting to get into the music.Derique first taste of hip hop was when he first rapped with his friends behind his house which became an everyday thing which also had a part in driving him into music.That's where it all started for him from there on he keep practicing and getting better he felt he had some sort of and advantage because he knew of the hip hop style from new york and down south so he felt no matter who heard him they would like his rap style .one Day he was watching MTV and jamz and he saw the new lil mama ''lip gloss'' video for some reason it inspired him to really try to further his music and take it seriously so he go some were with it in the future.Later that year he asked his grandmother can he move back to New York to pursue his dreams in music and soon as he moved back to new york he meet DaVon freshmen year. 2D-Effect future goals are to have international fame and have multi-platinum albums while still teenagers. There goal are to completely take the music game by storm while still teens in every genre of music.Derique goals before 2D-Effect are actually pretty much the same he just wanted to be the best rapper in his age bracket as for DaVon he just wanted to be the best entertainer but didn't know how and didn't really try to pursue it until meeting Derique.Another one of there goals were already met by finding some real representation in Solareverything. Another goal of 2D-Effect is to on the next cover of the 2012 Freshman XXL cover also have there 1st mixtape featured on world star hip hop and hot new hip hop and finally the group wants to singed to a major label.


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