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Versatile, disciplined, artistic, knowledgeable.. Are just a few characteristics to describe the Detroit native, DeYon. Born October 7th, 1993 under the star sign Libra, DeYon was destined for success by the laws of nature. With undergoing a rough childhood, witnessing closing family member’s abuse drugs and living in Detroit, Michigan his surroundings suppressed the ability to express his thoughts and feelings to the world around him. Abandoning his born leadership skills, 13 year old DeYon began to follow the crowd robbing others, stealing from stores, and even breaking in homes. Causing his family to move to surrounding metro Detroit cities such as Southfield and Berkley, now 16 going on 17 year old DeYon found his self lost, depressed, and yearning for an outlet to balance his emotions and express his feelings. This turning point of DeYon’s life opened his soul to his artistic abilities finding a passion and love towards the creation of music. Taking a personal oath to use this hidden talent to improve his life as well as others, DeYon began writing and recording with his close cousins. Evolving fast lyrically, the fire in DeYon’s soul began to attract established artists such as Akon and record labels performing for A&Rs from Jive, Def Jam Records, and Warner Bros. Unable to seize these opportunities due to nervousness and self doubt, DeYon begin to look within his self performing daily meditations, studying cause and effect, and evolving spiritually. Now with 2 years of practice under his belt, DeYon’s perception of reality has changed dramatically which he now expresses through his music, his clothing line HANIF, and to his following on social media outlets. Promoting a new age spiritual movement, operating with cosmic energy and timing his cycles of when to enter the music industry DeYon set his fate to breakout around spring 2013. His mark of greatness and influence upon the music culture is set to impact millions across the world.


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