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There is no telling how many miles you'll have to run while chasing a dream. It takes extreme determination and perseverance to conquer the struggle of success, and success seems to be a matter of hanging on after others have let go. While many artists spend their time striving to prove their "street cred" or convincing the mass of their supreme "hustle," DeSaint, a striving emcee/singer lets his work of art speak for itself. In an era of catchy ringtone rap, overnight studio thugs, and one-hit wonders it's refreshing to find a young versatile artist who isn't afraid to overstep past limits and boundaries set by others in hip-hop. He's innovative, versatile, creative, and is not afraid to be different...DeSaint is what hip-hop's been waiting for. DeSaint, the 19 year old hip-hop artist is known for his lyrical finesse; flowing a mind-blowing delivery of metaphors, wordplay, and punch-lines over a multitude of instrumentals. Proving his versatility, you will hear DeSaint release music that everyone can enjoy and respect. From social political songs, to raw hip-hop, some club/party bangers, and even R&B soul; one thing is for certain, he strives to be the best he can be. DeSaint states, "Perfection can never be completely accomplished, so I always switch up my style and strive to elevate not only as a rapper, but as an artist and person in general. No one trips over mountains, it's the small rocks that cause us to stumble, but if we pass all those rocks in our path, we will find that we crossed the mountain. The only difference between other artists and DeSaint is, some will stop before they reach the mountain, others will accomplish climbing the mountain, but I'm going to explore the challenge of the range beyond that mountain." DeSaint is originally from Miami, Florida but currently is residing in Reno, Nevada. Saint is an independent artist who writes his own lyrics, promotes most of his own projects with the help of a few others, and produces beats/instrumentals for himself and other artists. He's always been intrigued and interested in music, so he has studied instruments, songwriting techniques, song theory, and has played classical piano for six years. He then decided when he was thirteen years old it was time to broaden his horizon. DeSaint remembers growing up and watching a few of his family members and close friends produce albums for artists out of Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Astounded by what one person could compose from scratch he decided for Christmas to ask for a copy of "Reason & Pro Tools" software so he could display his creativity through music. At that time he also started practicing the art of "freestyle rapping" which was based off quick rhymes off the top of the head. As DeSaint began getting better, he started entering freestyle battle competitions. After winning a few and gaining recognition from his peers he decided he wanted to try out a career in music, but at that time it was just a dream, but he was determined to practice and work on his craft. DeSaint started building his own home studio and in two years he had two Yamaha keyboards, a MPC drum machine, and a radio shack microphone to record his lyrics on. Later DeSaint upgraded to an AKG 400 condenser mic. He started practicing his writing skills and production and recorded his 1st demo in his home studio not knowing anything about mixing songs. It was all trial and error that paid off. He then created a MySpace music page and started getting a small fan-base and buzz around his city. He started passing around his demo to people trying to get his name around as a local emcee but actually got noticed for his production skills. He was then invited to a Reno Beat Battle by Dialect HD a member/emcee/producer of super group Digital Underground and Element. As Dialect HD said "DeSaint didn't ask any questions, not where or when or where, all he said was for sure, I'll be there". Entering his 1st production competition he lost in the first round but got props from many artists and producers on the West Coast. That's when he got scouted out by JB Envy a talented emcee/performer. JB Envy invited him to come thru NCE (Nu-Creation Entertainment) studios and get to know the crew, and if he liked the vibe he had the option to stay and work with the NCE, a group of individuals who produce/write/and make music together. It was all history from there. DeSaint then entered two more beat battles and on his 3rd attempt ended up getting 1st place in the Nevada Beat Battle against many producers from the west coast. DeSaint is now being managed by Sloop Jones & Fab Odom from “Proper Management”. DeSaint has been featured on many nation-wide mixtapes hosted by well known DJ’s. DeSaint has released two official solo Mixtapes which are available on iTunes/Napster/Rhapsody/Amazon/Zune/Datpiff. “The Struggle” which was first released in 2008 & rereleased in 2009, & “Flight Plan” his newest mixtape with hit single “Wha Wha Wha” in 2010. DeSaint’s music is now reaching radio stations across the nation. Saint has performed with artists such as: Fat Joe, Wu Tang Clan, Cappadonna, Too Short, E-40, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ras Kass, Travis Porter, Bubba Sparxx, The Pack, Mistah Fab, Living Legends, Asia Lee, The Bayliens, Mic Rob, Weston Buck & many others. DeSaint states: “I'm trying to spread my message to the world, and bring great music to the game. I'm independent at the moment but hopefully someday someone will recognize what I've got to offer and maybe I can catch a deal, but I'll never stop. Music is my love, passion, and a huge part of my life."


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