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I was born in West Texas in a small town called Big Spring. My dad was deep in the breakdance movement at the age of 2 I was introduced to the sounds of Afrika Bambatta, Soul Sonic Force, Nucleus and Egyptian Lover. I moved to Dallas when I was 4 thats when the tv channel "The Box" first came about so all I did was watch music videos everyday all day. I got my first inspiration as rapper when "Screwed and Chopped" freestyles hit the streets. All me my and potnas did was freestyle over "Grey Tapes" chopped by DJ Screw, I knew nothing about writing music but I could freestlye on any track that was played. It wasn't until my young adolescent years when I started listening to 2Pac that I understood how to express your feelings and things you experienced in life, make them rhyme and tell a story. From that point I began to write whatever I felt on paper in just one big paragraph like a English paper. I knew nothing about bars, hooks, adlibs, voiceovers none of that until I met King K (Kwame Darko). In November of 2006 King K asked me to do a track for his upcoming album "The Booth Bruiser" so I jumped at the opportunity, thats when I recorded my first song. Now I've been doing this musics seriously about 2 years but I've been solo since May of 2009. Writing music is my way of freeing my mind and expressing myself. Every song I write has a meaning behind it, being from Dallas there is a stereotype I have to overcome because I'm not a "ringtone rapper" and I'm not into "dance songs". I'm the voice for my hood, family and the streets and since I'm representing them I have no choice but to go harder than the rest. My current project "Risin of the Son" will be released in January 2011 become fan to keep to date with everything I have going on.


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