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Growing up in elizabeth i used to envy all the rappas like lil wayne, kanye, jay-z ect.. i always thought the rap game was all about getting bitches, money, and cars. Livin in a big ass house that cost a mill. nah ! not nomore. I looked at them wondering when they gon stop talking bout the same shit, but I cant even hate cause now my ipod is fulla weezy, rick ross, and mostly drake .. Drake !? thats my nigga . fuck what they gotta say bout em. he a real nigga talking bout real nigga shit. I could bump to him without getting the vibe to sell dope or kill niggas lol. He not bout that and thats damn sure what I'm not about. Don't get shit twisted tho I aint no bitch nigga rappa talkin bout shit that would neva happen. The reason why niggas call me DRAKO... everythng i talk about is real, everything i do is real. I believe in saying whats real "Like drake" but DRAKO came from the assumption that I was always up to no good, always looking fa trouble "Like that lil evil nigga from harry potter, drako mouphoi" lol so came the birth of my nickname/stage name... anyways, when it comes to music.. for me , it aint about fame, its about being heard, it's about rappin to what you live up to. To be able to tell people your story and how u grew up trappin, killin, bustin, all that shit... even falling in love. Thing is.. I lived in these worlds..I fell in love while I was still in the trapp game, nearly had a baby mother and to this day I still love her. Now you kno what to expect wen you hear my mixtape (DRAKO12.1.12) drops on '12.1.12 ' *SUPPORT THE DRAKO MOVEMENT* -DRAKO V.a.nCannonMusic/ BTManagement/ Bod-um Studio/ cCPROMOS


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