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DPone (pronounced D-Pone) found love and honor in the streets of Pasadena, California which led to the beginning of his rap career at the age of 18. Plagued with horrific life experiences throughout the San Gabriel Valley, he soon realized that the life he lived was very similar to millions of people living in destitution and pain throughout the world. Nonetheless, he knew he could only achieve greatness by using his street knowledge as the foundation for his lyrical talent and became heavily determined to versify the struggles of the “street life” for all to grasp a full understanding and be able to feel a punished existence within an unforgiving society. DPone found solitude with his God, gained employment, and a home of his own. This is where the seriousness of his craft entered into his rap career enabling him to purchase his own home studio to record the many songs he has today. A place where he can rest his head and work. A place where he can appreciate his music influences (Ice Cube, 2Pac, Scarface, NWA, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, Nas, and Wu Tang Clan) and add his talent to the list like a mad scientist in his lab. With many performances under his belt since 2007, DPone remains hungry and eager to spread his name and lyrics like an unexplained viral epidemic. No cure, just questions like, "Who IS this nigga?" His first underground album "Who Am I?" contains the answers to everyone's questions. Who is DPone? A gangsta, hustla, B-dogged, hard-working, zealous man with major street credit. Patient and waiting for that one tiny moment to step both feet forward into a fanatical future leading millions of people into a new world of his creation, “Gangsta Hip-Hop”.


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