Born September 23, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois, Jordan Walker is the second of three children. He was raised for the former half of his childhood in a neighborhood with high gang activity. As a result, his parents sheltered him which made Walker turn to music to ebb his boredom. After hearing Busta Rhymes’ ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”, from then on Walker knew he would like to produce his own music and start a rap career. After his parents’ divorce and moving out to Sauk Village, Illinois, Walker’s cousins and local DJs J.R. and DJ Hitman were a part of the music scene in Chicago and influenced Walker to start working on his music, producing house music and Chicago style Juke music. With them, Walker got his first booking, DJing at the Chicago Bud Biliken Parade in 2007 on a float. After that, he began to put his music on CDs and sell them in high school. Eventually Walker formed the rap group BRC with his friend Kevin but later left and joined a team called Gutta Click with which he is still loosely affiliated. In 2010, Walker won a rap contest sponsored by WGCI and won the chance to meet one of his idols, the rapper Drake. It has been a long time dream for Walker to go to Atlanta or New York to kickstart his career. Though faithful to his hometown, he feels that there are less opportunities to enter the rap game in Chicago.


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