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CxRis (see ris) is a nineteen year old Recording Artist/ Audio Engineer/ Songwriter from San Diego/Imperial Valley California. After having much interest in all types of music all of his life, he decided in 2006 to become a songwriter like his influences Usher, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. Thanks to his versatile talent for writing radio-friendly Hip Hop songs that connect with audiences with the very first listen, his songs have been recieving a lot of accolades with the public of Southern California! With his latest project Escaping Nostalgia The Mixtape (Available for free) Ris hopes to catch a much broader audience along with an ear for music off instinct, he has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in Mainstream Hip Hop, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "I'm naturally versatile..I can write a heartfelt song with deep emotion and tie it into a radio friendly vibe that listeners will relate to." It is that versality that has landed him a show in Times Square New York, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and since then many music publishers have shown interest in him. Music is not a new passion for CxRis however: after studying audio engineering for over 4 years, Ris began mixing and mastering every one of his own songs himself since the tender age of 15: "I used whatever I could get my hands on, it's like it became much more than a hobby! Once I started noticing my improvement from others around me; I just felt the urge to put more and more time into it and perfect this craft that I have become accustomed to." But it wasn't until performing locally at different gigs across town at 16 that he decided to make music his life dream. Throughout life however, he has been through many travels around the states, from New York, to Indiana, Missouri, Texas, and California of course. Music, truth be told, was never far from his mind. "Even on plane rides I would write or talk to the person next to me just to get inspired by something different about their life. All those different walks of life have influenced the songwriter I am today." Moreover, travelling has made him aware of the many different cultures even in just The U.S. Now back to his birthplace of San Diego, "Americas Finest City" - a beautiful beachfront area right along the coast of Southern California, CxRis is sharing his time between enjoying the weather and spending plenty of time in the studio where he writes and engineers material he hopes to pitch to publishing companies in the near future. Based on the reception of his latest compositions, the future looks promising!


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