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  • Cover of Curren$y Reveals Art For "Pilot Talk 3" [Update: Release Date Announced]
    While there is no exact release date scheduled for the project as of yet, Curren$y took to Instagram to reveal "just a sample" for Pilot Talk 3. Spitta's Instagram post contained the following caption :
  • Cover of Chill Out: 10 Rappers With Laid-Back Flow
    The art of rapping started off in the form of spoken word and poetry, but you don't hear a lot of "poetry" in modern-day popular rap.
  • Cover of Stream Thelonious Martin's "Wünderkid"
    While only 22, Thelonious Martin has worked with a great number of high profile artists, making a name for himself in the production game. Today, he releases his debut project, which is not dissimilar to a J. Dilla record (someone he's obviously taken inspiration from).
  • Cover of Roll Up: Imaginary Smoke Sessions With Your Favorite Rappers
    A lot of rappers like to smoke weed, as do a lot of their fans, that's a given. Marijuana has become a much more accepted part of, not only hip hop culture, but our society as a whole. As smoking weed becomes more widely accepted, we can feel more comfortable doing it, almost as comfortable as rappers seem with it.
  • Cover of Curren$y Announces New Jet Life Compilation Mixtape "Organized Crime"
    Curren$y may have just blessed fans with his Saturday Night Car Tunes project slightly more than a week ago, but the Jet Life general already has another free project lined up.
  • Cover of Curren$y Reveals Ab-Soul, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa & More Featured On "Pilot Talk 3"
    Curren$y recently had a show out in DC, and we were able to catch up with him after the show for a sit-down about his highly anticipated Pilot Talk 3 album.
  • Cover of Ab-Soul Hints At New Collaboration With Curren$y
    Ab-Soul is busy these days prepping an album of the same name, These Days... After dropping off the new cut "Stigmata" two weeks ago, Soulo chose a release date (June 24th) and dropped the album artwork (which portrays Soulo Christ-like sitting in a front of a cross).
  • Cover of Curren$y Alludes To New "Pilot Talk 3" Album
    This is a brief one, folks - the headline is essentially the story here, but it's good news, at least. Spitta Andretti, better known as Curren$y, took to Twitter this evening to suggest the existence of a third instalment in his Pilot Talk album series, simply tweeting the hashtag #PilotTalk3.
  • Cover of Review: Curren$y's "The Drive In Theatre"
    Only a handful of artists release as much content as Curren$y does. Some can match the quantity, but none can top the quality. Spitta Andretti is known for releasing album-quality mixtapes at a constant rate, giving fans all they can digest.
  • Cover of Curren$y Will Release "The Drive In Theatre" On BitTorrent
    If you're awaiting the next Curren$y project, The Drive In Theater, heed that he will be releasing the project as a BitTorrent bundle.
  • Cover of Samples Of The Week: February 6
    When hip-hop began, samples were all that DJs and producers had to construct instrumental tracks with. They'd dig through crates of vinyl trying to find isolated drum breaks, melodies or vocals that they could repurpose for use in hip-hop music.
  • Cover of Curren$y Announce Release Date For "The Drive In Theatre"
    Curren$y's recent leak with Action Bronson, "Godfather 4", has definitely done the trick of getting fans excited for the forthcoming project it will live on, The Drive In Theatre.
  • Cover of Smoke DZA Releases Official Video For "Legends In The Making" With Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, Talks About Pursuit Of American Dream
    HNHH teams up with Smoke DZA as he reunites the stoner gang, with verses from Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa on his Harry Fraud-produced cut "Legends In The Making (Ashtray Part 2)". His "Dream.ZONE.Achieve" album is due out on April 1st.
  • Cover of Curren$y Reveals Cover Art For "The Drive In Theatre"
    Curren$y announced via Twitter the other week that he'd keep his fans fed with a new mixtape on the way. The project, title The Drive In Theatre, is supposed to feature Action Bronson on a track titled "The Godfather Pt. 4," this, according to Spitta's tweets.
  • Cover of Curren$y Announces "The Drive In Theatre" Project Coming Soon
    Curren$y is going to be treating fans to new music in the near future, although it remains to be seen whether the new music will be the usual format of free or a paid effort. Nonetheless, Spitta says he's six songs deep so far.
  • Cover of Drive Slow: 25 Rap Records About Cars
    For rappers, having a dope ride is more than just a mode of transportation. Yes, it does mean no more riding the bus. But purchasing a brand new whip is symbolic of their rise to the top. Bugattis, Chevrolet Impalas, Aston Martins, and more luxury vehicles come with a hefty pricetag.
  • Cover of Curren$y's Jet Life Recordings Signs New Artist Mary Gold
    Some of you may recall Mary Gold's appearance on the Jet Life collective's recent Red Eye mixtape - a remix of her song "Prayer" was the project's 13th and final track. She's since become the "First Lady Of Jet Life" and dropped her debut mixtape Sex Hormone’d Druggie. 
  • Cover of Lil Wayne Calls Out Lamar Odom On "442" For Smoking Crack
    This off season just keeps getting worse for Lamar Odom, as yet another notable rapper drops his name on a track as Lil Wayne calls out Odom's reported drug use.
  • Cover of Curren$y Announces Collaborative Project w/ Smoke DZA, Produced By Harry Fraud
    Spitta Andretti took to Twitter to announce a new project called The Stage this afternoon, and we're definitely looking forward to it. It's a collaboration with his close friend and collaborator Smoke DZA, with production handled entirely by the inimitable Harry Fraud.
  • Cover of Curren$y Reveals Cover Art For "Bales" Project [Update: Curren$y Says It Will Drop On Friday]
    Curren$y is never one to keep fans thirsty for too long, and he's gearing up to release a new project called Bales with Young Roddy. While Spitta has yet to reveal a release date, he did drop some cover art for the project on Instagram. Spitta always knows how to choose his artwork, peep it in the gallery above.
  • Cover of Curren$y Explains How His Native City Is New Orleans But He Reps Chicago With His New Era Cap
    Curren$y may be a New Orleans native, but he gets love around the world, in particular, from Chicago. Spitta talks about the city he was raised in, as well as his adopted city, Chicago, and how he wears his allegiance to the Chi for New Era's MLB campaign.
  • Cover of Curren$y Says He Missed Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose's Wedding Because He Was Too High
    Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose finally tied the knot at the beginning of the week. As we all saw, Amber Rose celebrated the night before the big day by twerking in her wedding dress. Wiz Khalifa was undoubtedly smoking. 
  • Cover of Curren$y's "New Jet City" Mixtape To Be Released As A Retail Album
    Curren$y just released his Red Eye mixtape earlier today, incorporating a brand new torrent-based strategy. Spitta has now announced plans to switch up his release approach once again, this time liberating his New Jet City mixtape, to be released as a retail album later this year.
  • Cover of Curren$y & Jet Life Team Up With BitTorrent For New Multimedia Mixtape Bundle
    Curren$y has always been a strong force in the mixtape circuit, continuously releasing free projects over paid releases. The rapper and his Jet Life label are now looking to re-invent the mixtape game, with a new partnership with BitTorrent.
  • Cover of Underrated Audio: June 15-21
    This past week proved to be a big one for hip-hop. Definitely a week to be remembered, with three big rap albums (and one r'n'b album) all dropping on the same day (and every one knows this date by now)-- June 18. While Kanye West, J.
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