Corey White

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Whiteout Bio Whiteout was born Corey White in Lansing,MI 1987. Growing up in a one parent household Whiteout has always been very ambitious. Whiteout parents split before he was born. His dad continued to come in and out of his life from time to time. Whiteout never had a true father figure in his life. Whiteout, was the middle child out of his mother's three children. He always seemed to be the outgoing one. He started rapping around the age 7, and mastered the craft quite fast. He always stood out amongst his peers that tried. Around the age 12 Whiteout and his younger brother and two cousins formed a group, entitled 4 Shorties. The group eventually fell apart after mediocre success of a few talent shows. Whiteout teen years was typical of most kids growing up in the inner city. He had his fair share of neighborhood beefs and brawls. He always continued rapping praying for the day he could be heard by the masses. At the age 16 Whiteout father committed suicide. Even though he didn't spend a lot of time with his father, this event really hurt Whiteout. After graduating high school Whiteout began attending Baker College. Still focused on his goal of becoming a rapper he started to perfect his skills as a solo artist. Making dozens of songs that flooded the college campus creating a little buzz for himself. Sadly his plans eventually fell apart again, when he was arrested for possession charges. Whiteout was back home now thinking of another way to enter the industry. After leaving Baker college whiteout Started working at Cedar Point. Where he met his soon to be wife Amanda. After three months of dating Amanda was pregnant with their first son. With this Responsibility in his life Whiteout joined the United States Navy. He was a boatswainsmate one the most physically demanding jobs. Whiteout had a terrible time in the Navy, he got in a lot of trouble and his marriage was shattered by the constant distance. Whiteout used rap as an outlet during his time in the service. Him and a few others shipmates formed the Flite Cru, determined to make it. Whiteout was honorably discharged from the Navy March 25,2012 with a plan for success. Finally a civilian Whiteout has hit the ground running, doing shows and he is expected to be on Dj Fahrenheit's upcoming mixtape. Whiteout has been through a lot of adversity but it seems to be all worth it. He has a story to tell the public.


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