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Sup MistaJam we are - T.3.C - Comet Killers Music Group we are a music group based in Stockton-On-Tees T3C (Comet Killers) came about, since 2006, just three young boys with a passion for music. The three young boys grow together, went to the same schools and lived in the same area. And life wasn’t as easy living among common violence, racism and discrimination in Stockton Town. Growing up and not knowing there unique hidden talents the three boys sooner because friends. All from different background and religion but it was there difference which gave them that strong unique bond in friendship and that bond got stronger through music & dancing. since 09-10 T3C done shows for events like CASH FOR KIDS, taste of Africa , Children in need and also done a lot of fund raising events,MELA ,INTRO FESTIVAL, even youth projects around the community and also other cities nearby. and in 2010 who would of thought a small local band will ever get the chance to be supporting big artist like the likes of Tinie Tempah,Pro Green , Roll Deep ,Scorcher , DJ Ironik ,Giggs , Funky Dee & many more. Members Alistar Beni (Rapper) (age 20) Dexta Brown (Rapper) (age 20) Y.H (real name Denzel Munzara Rapper , Producer , Singer) (age 18) Bebe (real name Bethany Bailey) (New Member - Female Singer 16 ) (newest Member) Latest News From Us The Music Video for our first 2012 Single - Called "Here We Go Again" featuring a local female singer "BeBe" is now live on youtube. You can Watch The Music Video Here :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1U0GtAy0mc The music video was Directed By Jamie Alderson (Student who graduated at Teeside Uni) Our Inspiration ? is Life. why we make music ? the reason we do music is we hope to Bring the community together encourage youth to know what is good to do in life and about the future. Getting youths involved in the projects.when we do work shops locally.we come to find that Music is also a great tool to break down barriers to learning, self, esteem issues and confidence building. Some young people turn into anti –social behaviours because they don’t have that sense of belonging within the community. They do not have the support and encouragement to have a good choice in their lives. Some of them look at themselves as failures in life because they lack the drive and enthusiasm to do what they wish they could do in life. through music we hope to reach out to EVERYBODY. what we hope to achieve? we enjoy what we do. We aim to make a positive impact within our community and expand that nationally . We want the parents and kids in the community to see that there is more to music than mere entertainment and hope our music spread all over the uk. where can people access our music? www.t3cmusic.co.uk - official website www.t3cmusic.bandcamp.com - 2 Official Mixtapes on there www.t3cmusic.co.uk - official website www.youtube.com/t3ctv - our official music videos on here - www.facebook.com/t3ctv - our facebook page www.twitter.com/officialckmg -twitter


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