Collin Miller

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Collin Miller, later grew to be called C-Mill by childhood friends because it fit the initials of his first and last name and his motivation to one day "See a Million", he grew up to a single mother while his father left before he was born, his mother struggled to maintain finances and support collin and his older brother. His mother soon married her ex husband when collin was around 6. Little did collin know what was in store for him. Collin was soon abducted in a home full of physical and verbal abuse from his step father and lived through it till he was 12. His mother soon called the police to get his step father out and he would never come back. While his mother turned to partying every night with her friends and leaving collin by himself, collin soon turned to writing to cope with his pain. Collin began listening to eminem, who inspired him to do more then just write it down. From that day on, collin fell in love with hip hop and creating music with passion and sending messages through melody's and rhymes.He would read the dictionary everyday to improve his vocabulary, then soon start creating songs. He found that creating music in its entirety fills some of the voids that he thought could never be filled. Collin continues to make songs about everything he went through, in hopes of someone going through something similar to listen to it and know theres someone out there who feels the same. To collin music isnt just words on an instrumental, its his life on every song, his pain on every word, his message in every chorus, his passion in every verse. In 2010 he met up with swishahouse artist Dvine and later signed to Dvines own record company "Redline Records LLC". Collin has been recognized by his unique sound in every song as well as his lyrical ability to create a message. From the time his old step father left, collin knew he had something to prove, he knew that greatness was his only option, and that nothing would stand in his way from making history


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